Friday, September 3, 2010

Boxer, Fiorina Debate

The California U.S. Senate race should be interesting, even though I don't think the outcome will mean much in the long run. Still, I like seeing any incumbent defeated, so here's hoping we can say bye-bye to Boxer this November.

Republican challenger Carly Fiorina took aim at the nation's troubled economy during her first debate with Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer. The recession and California's unemployment rate loomed large in the debate.


  1. Yes yes, down with incumbents...

    Anyway, I couldn't find an email listed for you so I have no way of letting you know any way except publicly. No no, I'm not leaving, no party just yet, but I thought I might help spruce up the place. This is a link to a first draft for a jpg title for SE. You can save it and use as-is, or I can mess with it however you want. Also, I think you should play off the visual reference and change the tagline to "Exposing the Machinery of Mass Conformity," but that's because us liberals can't let anything just be.

  2. Ginx, thanks! That looks nice. I'll email you later.

  3. "Exposing the Machinery of Mass Conformity,"

    Yeah, I kinda like that.

  4. So I did another, this one a bit wider also. Link here/

  5. I noticed the background of your blog blends, so hopefully this one looks better.


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