Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stump the Christians #11

Why are the inhabitants of Noah’s ark the only people to survive the flood?

I’m willing to ignore the fact that there isn’t enough water on Earth to flood every surface, even if both poles completely melted. After all, through God, all things are possible. But my question is: why did no one else survive? Did Noah have the only boat in the whole world? Why didn’t some fishermen who could survive at sea for weeks also live to see the waters recede? Were their ships perhaps destroyed by God?


  1. Ugh, I hate the story of the flood, it's too ridiculous.

  2. As a cartoonist, you must have some appreciation for the image of a dog biting his lip next to a cat, which is struggling to restrain itself next to a mouse, which is making the elephants freak out...

  3. Allso, I'd like to throw in:

    What did everything eat? Unicorns? Dinosaurs? Manna?

  4. Shrimp cocktails, Ginx. Shrimp can live in water.


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