Thursday, September 16, 2010

Those Wonderful Cops


  1. "...the FBI is now investigating."

    Sorta like Elizabeth Warren or Brooksley Born as "regulators" of the American economy.

  2. Almost as oxymoronical as libertarian thinkers or anarchic societies.

  3. Who's the most famous person killed by police? I'm curious who we could come up with.

    It's easy to figure out who the most famous person killed by a security guard is: John Lennon.

  4. Wow, Ginx, you've really become a ridiculous pro-cop troll.

  5. Why do you want to subject us to private tyranny that is empirically worse than what we have now? It's not "skepticism" to blindly tote a particular ideology.

    If I really thought this idea of "voluntary security pacts" had any traction, I would fight it tooth and nail to prevent me and my family from being subjected to private security, but luckily it's only retards who support such a ridiculous idea as solving police corruption by making civil enforcement privatized.

  6. Ginx, you do realize Chapman was mentally ill, right? That he happened to be SG doesn't support your position.

  7. Ginx, none of these posts on our rising police state have anything to do with advocating "private security pacts".

    I'm an anarchist, so I oppose all tyranny and hierarchies, including so-called "private" ones.

    This doesn't change the fact that the primary abuse coming from costumed thugs is of the government variety, due to the fact of the state's legal monopoly of force.

    Let me know the last time private security guards busted down the door of someone's home residence and took them off to be locked up.

    I would fight it tooth and nail to prevent me and my family from being subjected to private security,

    Well, then, you're nothing but a common pro-state hypocrite, because you have no problem with others being subjected by force (and without the option of opting out of government policing) to the state's thugs.


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