Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No More Ideologically Rootless Cowbells!

Submission to domination is enforced not solely, nor even most significantly, through blatant repression, but rather through subtle manipulations worked into the fabric of everyday social relationships. So as an uncompromising nonconformist, I'm very fashion conscious, and as the drummer of a non-hierarchical free punk musical collective, I spend a lot of time learning to mimic those popular cowbell-driven rhythms of bands like the DKs, the Germs, FEAR, Flipper, and the like. Unfortunately, most commercially available cowbells that I found are visually bland and ideologically rootless, resulting in rhythms that meekly conformed to hierarchical nation-state control structures.

Once I bought the Pearl PCB20 Anarchy Cowbell, I finally found a solution that solves both these concerns.-UHpinions

Another Reason to Move to Puerto Rico

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Real Answer to "Who will build the roads?"

What statists of all types fail to understand is that anarchists don’t believe what they do from a utilitarian perspective. Although they realize that free people will do better in the world than ruled ones, anarchy is not adopted for a better ‘society’, or any other such collectivist notion. The belief in freedom is philosophical. It is held by men with the certain knowledge that they have a right to live their own lives, to pursue their own happiness, and no other man, or groups of men, has any moral right to rule them or impede their individual liberty.

So when you say ‘it won’t work’, it’s entirely irrelevant. There *are* answers to all your irrational fears about roads, police and armies. But, they are entirely beside the point. While anarchists understand that voluntary societies will always outperform ones where your options are limited by the arbitrary use of force, that is not why they believe what they do. Anarchists are anarchists because it is the only fully moral and non-contradictory position a man can hold about himself, and other men.

So, the *real* answer to ‘who will build the roads?’ is: ‘what does that have to do with my right to be free?’--- Gary Margetson

Brandishing Blackness

Before it was cool...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Emancipated Human and the Police State with Jason Bassler

The Voluntary Virtues Network is a voluntaryist network, and is comprised of hundreds of different individuals. Their voices are their voices, not the networks. VVN is simply a platform for voluntaryists to advance the message of freedom.-

Voluntary Virtues Network

Man pulled over by Cop turns tables and debates about anarchy

The cop says "It's control and order", well, he gets the control part right, but the state is not order, it's chaos. The video is audio portion only, sort of an interesting listen.

My final comment is, all cops (because they enforce the evil edicts of the gangster state they work for) are criminals, and all licensing laws (including those requiring plates on a vehicle or a license to drive) must be abolished!

Walk Away from the State

What protesting is, or any other collective action, is ultimately an act of insanity. Because as Einstein described it, repeating a task and expecting a different result each time is an act of insanity. History has proven conclusively that each and every method which has been tried against the State, and by extension the money power elite who own the world, has FAILED. What should be evident is as the awakening masses come to realize this, it takes more and more state violence under the cover of sumptuary law for the power structure to maintain control.

[] Elections have not worked. The ballots are rigged. The candidates preselected, so your choice is irrelevant anyway.

[] Law suits have not worked. The judges are owned, the laws skewed to favor the system above all else.

[] Protests have not worked. Brutality or indifference renders them moot. Many of which are controlled arguments and thus irrelevant.

[] Petitions are ignored. Ballot initiatives are thwarted by the courts. See above.[] Strikes never get enough participants. And in this country at least, are widely viewed as collectivist and derided.

[] Opposition movements are quickly co-opted or counter movements raised as a dialectic is built. To wit: the Tea Party vs. Occupy.

[] Violence is counter productive and is actually what the state is best prepared for.

All of these methodologies are used to waste the activist's energies into frustration. To divert your resources into avenues which the system tolerates as legally acceptable and ultimately non threatening to the system itself. Wake up and realize we are repeating the insanity by continuing to choose the methods which have repeatedly failed. We must use the opposite consciousness to solve this problem, we must see the world anew. Just walk away. Withdraw your consent. If the problem is collectivism then the answer is individual action. The elite fear this most, because they cannot predict or control YOU. They can only influence group dynamics... The TEA Party, Occupy Wall St., mass media and society at large.

Like quicksand, the more you struggle, the more you will be ensnared. The more you ignore them, the less powerful they become. The more of us ignore them, eventually they will become irrelevant. This is how Obama has defeated the opposition Congress. For those who recognize just how truly unique and precious individual liberty really is, we stand in awe of the founding fathers and I have met many well meaning people who differ not in goals but applications of solutions. However, we need to stop worshiping the Constitution. As any of the founders would have told you, its just a piece of paper. A meaningless document unless WE are educated, informed and engaged ourselves, because government is not a separate entity. It is us - if we mean to self govern. Of course this is not the case today where we have a national state, which was never supposed to exist. We recoil in disgust as it places itself above not only the once sovereign several states which created it, but above the individual as well.-Read more:

Michael Price on Atheism and Objective Morality

Bizarrely, many atheists are bothered by the idea of objective or absolute morality. They seem to feel that it means judgmental, intolerant, sexually repressive morality as represented by the Abrahamic religions. Similarly the representatives of said religions seem to believe that their dogmas are objective morality and indeed the only possible source of objective morality. This is the opposite of the truth, objective morality does not need to be based on, and indeed cannot be based on, the Abrahamic religions.-Read more: Objective morals and it's opposite, religion

Mary Poppins Reveals the Truth

Poppins reveals the truth when she points out all the hard earned money stolen by the government through taxes taken out of her paycheck. The state is the entity that really impoverishes workers, not employers or fast food chains (who actually produce something and provide opportunity to the poor)! And of course, it's not just taxes but every other regulation and barrier erected by the federal and state governments that hold back real economic growth and job creation, not to mention the hidden tax of inflation produced by our masters in the ruling establishment, as they inflate the money supply and deficit spend us into ruin.

h/t to T.C. (read his great Canadian blog The Commentator)

Sloppy Joe? Sloppy No!

This video starts out great (or should I say Great Value) and then turns, no wait...that's the sloppy Joe, oh well...

They're not gonna screw up a sloppy Joe? Ha!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

But this is history as told by the victors: a revisionist vision in which the creation of a central bank to control the nation’s money supply is merely a boring historical footnote, about as important as the invention of the zipper or an early 20th century hoola-hoop craze. The truth is that the story of the secret banking conclave that gave birth to that Federal Reserve Act is as exciting and dramatic as any Hollywood screenplay or detective novel yarn, and all the more remarkable for the fact that it is all true.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quote of the Day: National Flags

In people's heads, a national flag usually represents some vague, undefinable, yet inexplicably positive thing worth loving--a la Stockholm Syndrome. In reality, it represents a political jurisdiction: the turf over which a particular gang of thugs and parasites claims the right to rule. Accepting that reality is a rather drastic spoiler when it comes to patriotic and nationalistic emotionalism. Sorry, but there ain't no sane reason to love a symbol of authoritarian domination, or the slave plantation for which it stands.-Larken Rose
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