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The Last Post of 2011

This is it, and I want to thank everyone for making this past year Skeptical Eye's most successful ever. Thanks to all our readers and followers. We have many regulars who faithfully stop by to check for new posts, and it is very appreciated. After all, there's not much point in posting stuff if no one is looking.

Thanks to all our contributors as well. Each and every one of you that contributed this year helped add to the great year we had at SE. I know 2012 will be even better, especially with Bret Alan around to keep everyone good and angry. I do want to give a special shout out to Bret, though, for creating not only our holiday headers this year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and now New Years), but for creating the header they're based on as well. Thanks Bret!

I have a major series coming in the new year that should be quite stunning (should be, those are the words to focus on). It's a fictional world of a free market and rivalries between great companies that vie for the business of "vehicles", machines in this world that serve as both transportation and housing. It is called "Vehicles: A Love Story" and it should be of great interest (should be). I plan to eventually merge its world with a second story of a crazed, power mad dictator of a small "kingdom" who can't stand the "chaos" of freedom and so attempts to make himself God over the whole world.

So, we have good things in store for you in 2012 here at The Greatest Blog In The Universe and we hope you'll keep stopping by and sharing the wonderful world of blogging with us.

Happy New Year!

NSK "Nikk" Jakson

George Carlin: The Truth About Republicans

Locals Say Ron Paul is a Front-runner for a Reason

Ron Paul Is Not a Racist

I am no fan of political action, but these attacks are utterly unjust -Stefan Molyneux


Here are some of my predictions for 2012. Keep in mind I'm not a psychic (though I do blog like one) but also keep in mind I've got a mind, and boy, do I use it when I'm predictin'.

*Catty and Two Duds will become major comic strip sensations.

*Two Dudes will finally jump the shark and swiftly fall from comic strip fans must read lists.

*Bret Alan will continue to say "Fuck Ron Paul" right up until the Republican convention in August.

*William Lane Craig will travel back in time in the greatest invention ever, a time machine, visit the tomb of Jesus, discover it's not empty, and proclaim that the "witness of the Holy Spirit" still trumps the evidence of his own eyes.

*Barack Obama will go crazy, turning from a peace loving "bring the troops home" man of love and compassion into a warmongering, mass murdering maniac who sends drones to kill women and children.

*Gerald Celente will predict that everything's coming up roses.

*Nikk will keep posting mostly videos and yet still insist he's a real blogger.

*T.C. will continue to live in the frozen wasteland to the North of the Greatest Country on God's Green Earth.

*T.C. will once again decline an invitation to blog at SE.

*A new anarchist sensation will join the SE gang, wowing everyone with his/her brilliance and converting Bret Alan to the truth (no wait, nothing will ever change Bret).

*The world will end on December 21st, relieving me of the burden of Christmas shopping.

Peter Schiff : Gold in 2012

Attempted MSM Brainwashing: Iowa Matters if Romney Wins, Iowa Doesn't Matter if Ron Paul Wins

Mainstream Media picking the winners and losers for you...

ABBA: Happy New Year

Does this song suck, or is it just me?

Hugo Chavez has long questioned whether the U.S. might be plotting to get rid of him...

Connecting the Dots: Gaddafi is Dead, Obama Sends Troops to Central Africa

The United States government is playing a major global power game...This is in addition to everything else that is going on in the Middle East. And my very strong suspicions about the cancer that Hugo Chavez is suffering with. A huge global chess game is being played. PCR [Paul Craig Robert]'s closing question is most apt:

Will the US collapse in economic chaos before it rules the world?

-Chavez: U.S. May Have Caused My Cancer

Chávez’s comments comes at the heel of the announcement that Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Chávez himself recently had surgery to remove a tumor from his pelvis.

Ron Paul Getting Standing Ovations From Iowa Audiences When He Talks About Bringing The Troops Home

Ron Paul - Sioux County Iowa Town Hall

Looking Forward To 2012

Ajahn Brahm talks about uncertainty and the coming new year.

Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions

Stay away from cops, NEVER ask them for help, never call them for anything!

A young couple lost in Baltimore asked a police officer for directions. For doing so they got arrested. At the end where it cuts off the female officer told the girl that she's going to jail too.

Supervillain or Newt? Play the Game!

Find out now if you can tell the difference between a Newt Big Idea and a scheme from your favorite evildoer!

Fat Woman Quits!

Feeder porn chubby chasers saddened!

The Ohio woman who set up a website where people paid to watch her eat. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian explain this fetish and why Donna Simpson decided to quit.

But as the year winds to a close, Simpson has moved on. She left New Jersey earlier this year after her romantic relationship with a man ended and returned to her hometown of Akron.

She has turned away from the fantasy world, replacing her pre-recorded videos of her with a blog about her journey to health. She already has lost about 85 pounds, and she hopes to join a gym soon to begin walking in a pool. She has modified her eating, as well.

"I realized that I was their fantasy," she said. "Here I was getting bigger and bigger, and they had their thin wives, with 2 1/2 kids and a picket fence."-600-pound woman halts pay-per-view eating

Government Parasites Worried Their Gravy Train May Come To An End!

Fiscally liberal fake "conservative" Republicans and Democrats are scared to death their two party gravy training scam may come to an end with the popularity of Ron Paul so their attacks are on.

One thing is for certain both parties keep the gravy train welfare coming to private companies and alike that supply the needless unconstitutional invasions and occupation of countries around the globe.

The American empire – indeed, the entire colossus that is our bloated federal government – could not exist a single day without enslaving the American people to the demon of debt. The obvious beneficiaries are those collecting the interest on that debt – the big financial institutions that buy and sell US government securities. They finance the wars, they profit from government spending, and this is the essence of the real issue of “crony capitalism” some of the lesser Republican presidential candidates babble about without understanding or acknowledging that it isn’t just Solyndra. That’s small change compared to the massive theft being pulled off by the Federal Reserve as it inflates away our savings and enriches the few.

How do we pay for our overseas empire? The same way we pay for our burgeoning welfare state: by monetizing the debt, i.e. degrading the currency by creating “money” out of thin air, and inflating the bubble until it bursts again. This has been Paul’s issue from the beginning, and it’s a powerful one: it has substantially shaped the political discourse, with the other candidates forced to jump on board the anti-Fed bandwagon.

This is the Ron Paul Effect...Here is a conservative populist who is challenging their power, and in the very redoubt of neoconservative orthodoxy, the GOP! They who have always lived in fear of the rest of the country – in fear of the day those peasants with pitchforks gather in the streets below and yank them out of their Manhattan towers – are seeing in Paul their worst nightmare come true.-Ron Paul and the Future of American Foreign Policy

Quote of the Day: Hosanna Myers on Ron Paul and Those Newsletters

"Ron Paul is vilified for missing a few paragraphs out of hundreds of newsletters by people who pass 2,000-page bills without reading a single word." — Hosanna Myers

via LRC Blog

Friday, December 30, 2011

Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones Show (12-30-11)

Post of the Moment: How to Prove Bigotry

If I wanted to prove Ron Paul is a bigot, I'd work hard at finding a person who could testify honestly to the bigoted ways in which Ron Paul treated him or her.

And if I was unable to find such a person, then I would have two choices.

I could conclude that Ron Paul isn't a bigot.

Or I could hold fast to my prejudice against Ron Paul, and look for ways to assassinate his character by such devices as guilt-by-association.

Constructive Destruction: How to prove bigotry

Guilt-by-association is one of the weapons used by people who have little to no evidence of personal guilt on the part of the accused. Without evidence of the accused's malicious or otherwise wrongful acts or intent, the accuser is left with character assassination in service of the proof burden.


...the tactics used by a canvasser or "outreach" person on behalf of any Congresscritter are not conclusive evidence that the Critter clearly endorses the tactics or language used.

At most they are evidence that the Critter hired and used a person who employs such tactics or language.

And I don't think anyone who's run a business, or has held a supervisory role in an organization, would rush to agree that every employee or underling is without exception a mere conduit of the business owner or supervisor.

I'll break that down more simply:

In a team sport such as American Soccer (elsewhere on Earth = "football"), when a player fouls an opponent and earns a yellow card, is it fair to assume that player's coach instructed the foul, ordered its occurrence, mandated its execution?

Or is it more fair to recognize independent agency on the foul-committing player's part?

Think about that one before you go assuming Ron Paul is a "bigot" or "racist" by dint of what an outreach person did.

Ron Paul, and What We Aren’t Talking About

Ron Paul is in the news, and he has a serious shot at winning Iowa, so I think it’s time I finally weigh in… though not on what I think of him (I don’t need a paragraph, let alone an essay, to say that I would never support him).

I also have no need in weighing on the question of whether Ron Paul will be the nomi… pffft HA HA HA, sorry, sorry… I couldn’t even finish that sentence. Paul will never be the nominee. Paul has a better shot at winning a Democratic Party nomination than a Republican Party nomination in his lifetime.

But his campaign isn’t empty or futile, and it may have far-reaching ramifications.

One thing to consider is how this will affect the Republican Party. I predict that Romney will be the nominee and will lose to Obama. If this happens, I really think the Republican Party will “soul search,” or whatever it is that evil, soulless trolls do when they reassess things (I guess pray?). If Democrats somehow manage to win 2016 on top of all of this (if I had to guess who could, I would bet it would be Hillary Clinton), I bet the odds of the Republican Party radically altering itself goes through the roof.

One direction the Republicans might take is towards courting Libertarianism. While not a popular ideology among traditional (i.e. old) Republicans, it is the most popular right-leaning, conservative stance among the young. Young people see through the Neo-Con bullshit. People under 35 have no interest in marginalizing gay people, racial minorities, women, immigrants, non-Christians… or really any of the groups that Republicans traditionally rally around hating. If the Republican Party has a future, it’s probably in Libertarianism.

Ron Paul isn’t many things: sane, relevant, informed, probably not electable outside of Texas… but he is a libertarian, and those other four things have never been important for a Republican nominee. Ron Paul may be the model for future Republican presidential candidates, I just doubt he’ll live to see it happen (I’m thinking maybe by 2020, when Paul would be 91).

But Paul isn’t totally out quite yet, so it’s not just about his legacy. Paul won’t be running for re-election to his house seat, which he’s had for so long that he’s probably unsure of how he’ll pack up his office without the help of the slaves who helped him move in. This presidential run is potentially the last election for Paul, and while I am confident he won’t get the nomination, he just might pull a Nader.

If Paul runs as an Independent or Libertarian and draws votes away from Romney, you can ignore [more than you would otherwise] all of that stuff I said earlier. If people blame Paul and the Libertarians for Obama getting re-elected (and don’t kid yourselves, Obama will likely win either way), you can probably forget about Republicans and Libertarians ever getting along. In fact, it might spur the long-stalled rise of the Libertarian Party, which has tried in vain to be politically relevant since the 70s.

Libertarians have often just been people who vote Republican and don’t have the balls to admit so in public, but there are others who have merely identified with the Libertarian ideals while acknowledging the party not currently viable. Many libertarians are basically like me: they abstain from voting, especially for the office of president, not out of a lack of interest, but from frustration at the “choice” we have forced upon us by the lowest common denominators on both sides.

In many ways, I am rooting for Libertarians to come into their own, not just slowly infiltrate the Republican party. While I’m not Libertarian, I do favor Libertarianism over Republicanism, and more than that, I would love for a more diverse political landscape in America.

But it’s all up in the air. I’m merely speculating on what I think could happen. I am confident of one thing, however: Ron Paul will leave a mark on American politics that will far exceed his results in this, probably his final presidential bid or political race of any kind.

Mitt Flip Romney vs Mitt Flop Romney

MSM Media Crucifies Ron Paul

Fox News correspondent Dick Morris appeared on The O'Reilly Factor and Fox And Friends yesterday and attempted perhaps the most ridiculous smear against Ron Paul to date -- suggesting that the Congressman is more of a left wing radical than Obama.

Describing Paul as "the most liberal, radical left-wing person to run for president in the United States in the last 50 years," Morris added, "This guy is no conservative. This guy is a ultra, ultra left-wing radical."

"I think it's horrible!" Morris exclaimed. "Nobody else wants to dismantle the military, including Obama, but he does. Even Obama doesn't want to repeal the Patriot Act but he does! Even Obama doesn't say that we caused 9/11 and brought it on ourselves. But Ron Paul does. Even Obama doesn't want to legalize heroin and cocaine, but Ron Paul does."

The assertion that Ron Paul is the not only the least conservative candidate in the 2012 GOP field, but also the most liberal is beyond ridiculous. In fact, Ron Paul is not only the most conservative candidate, he is officially the most conservative member of congress and more conservative than any senator or president, not only today but dating all the way back to 1937.

Out of 3,320 individuals, Ron Paul ranks number 3,320 (number 1 being the most liberal) in a Common Space Scores tabulation by distinguished political scientist Dr Keith T. Poole. The scores are computed from all the roll calls cast in the House and Senate for the 1937 -- 2002 period.

To suggest that the other GOP contenders are more conservative than Ron Paul is truly laughable. Both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney supported the banker bailout and Romney was the author of an almost identical proposal to Obamacare, while Michelle Bachmann, the so-called Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) candidate, is a former tax collector...

Dick Morris: Ron Paul is a dangerous left wing radical

Morris says if Federal drug laws were abolished, everyone would be high all the time...I guess including Morris himself. He also shows incredible ignorance on his comments on the gold standard (maybe he's already on drugs).

Ron Paul Veterans Rally - Des Moines, Iowa


With Christmas over (though I still hear the music at the malls; "Santa Baby" was recently blaring from the speakers - I guess the singer didn't know that Santa has come and gone for this year) the next major retailer event (aren't the "holidays" all about making money?) is Valentine's Day (they've already removed most of the Christmas displays from stores and I've seen a few putting the love stuff in its place), so this post should fit right in.

40 Lovely Pictures Of Hearts

Love Birds Forming a Heart

Great Blog Name

I'm going T.C. with this post (or trying to..."Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try"), the T.C. we all know and love when he's posting a dozen minimalist one line posts in a row (see, I've already failed).

Smell my dairy air

It's about "life in rural Wisconsin".

When we were young, my cousin liked to stick his head out the window on country rides (does anyone go on "Sunday drives" anymore?) whenever we passed a field full of cows. He loved the cow smell. I guess it wasn't too bad. Not like when passing a cattle yard with hundreds of cattle crowded together. There is such a place right on an interstate I use to get to my dad's house. Even with the windows up you have to nearly hold your breath as you pass it. Give me "dairy air" any day over that!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ron Paul Doubles Down On War Stance

Ron Paul is not backing off of his strong foreign policy stance despite 'isolationist' attacks from fellow 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

Cenk Uygur says of Ron Paul's ad on US foreign wars: "That ad is awesome. It is fantastic. It allows people to understand 'hey, wait a minute, I wouldn't like it either if foreign troops were occupying me in the name of my freedom, what a crock that is' and imagine if you fought back and they called you terrorists or insurgents. You should see the whole ad. It is the kind of thing that makes you pause and go 'wait a minute, man do you really as a progressive have to think twice about who you're supporting?' Because that ad is a million times stronger and better than any ad any Democrat would run on the war."

Or, Cenk (who is well aware of the newsletter controversy) could have just said "Fuck Ron Paul", but thankfully he's smarter than that.

The Ad: Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!

Will Israel bomb Iran over a threat of nuclear weapons? How could sanctions on Iran impact oil and gas prices? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains.

Race, on the other hand—along with enthusiastic Zionism—is the central shibboleth for who gets purged and who gets promoted in American conservatism.

One particularly loathsome Republican, for instance, is allowed to cheat on successive wives while they are deathly ill—and then make a career out lecturing conservatives on “Rediscovering God in America” with his former mistress. If the aptly named “Newt” Gingrich had, however, quoted approvingly from the scientific writings of Richard Lynn or J.P. Rushton at any point in his career, he would swiftly be run out of the Party on a rail.-Those Newsletters

Terrorist Identification Chart

image via The Radical Libertarian

Do Black Americans Believe Ron Paul Is Racist?

While the establishment media continues to hype a 15-year-old story concerning decades old newsletters as part of a dirty tricks campaign to smear Ron Paul as a racist, the latest CNN poll shows that Paul has the most support from non-whites out of all the Republican candidates.

The latest CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday finds that Congressman Paul scores highest amongst minorities when matched up against Barack Obama in a hypothetical election head to head.

Paul scores 25% of the vote amongst non-whites, whereas Romney polls at 20% and Gingrich gets 15%.-CNN Poll: Ron Paul Most Popular Republican Amongst Non-Whites

Ron Paul on WHO Iowa Radio

Paul is now focusing on local as opposed to national media for interviews and getting his message of liberty out.

Marching Orders for Paul’s Iowa Volunteers

Four years after young people flocked to the state to help propel the campaign of Barack Obama, this radically different movement is embracing a 76-year-old veteran Texas congressman who is drawing supporters for his libertarian and antiwar views.

And they say they are under strict orders: To look, dress, shave, sound and behave in a way that will not jeopardize Mr. Paul’s chances. Even before flying here on their own nickel, some students said they had been instructed to cover up tattoos and told that their faces should be fresh-shaved or beards neatly trimmed, wearing only nice clothes that one described as “business casual.”

“No tats,” another volunteer, Rocco Lucente, said as he ticked off the rules after arriving at the airport Tuesday night. No liquor, no drugs and, he said, no “fraternizing in the dorms, nothing like that.”

He said the standard expected of volunteers was: “What would Ron Paul do?”


Much of their efforts have been cloaked in secrecy: They said that once they arrive at the camp they are under orders not to speak to journalists or make postings on social media sites about their activities in Iowa, a provocative limitation for a movement lubricated by the effective use of the Internet. A half-dozen Paul aides declined to comment or allow a visit to volunteers. “We’re keeping our cards close to our vests,” said Jesse Benton, the national campaign chairman.

(c/o The New York Times Online)

Ron Paul Could Win the Nomination and the Presidency

More Intellectual Dishonesty From Bret Alan

In a comment at Cork's post Ron Paul's bizarre mistake, SE contributor Bret makes the following comment:

Why would you doubt Ron Paul is a racist? Because he hides it well these days?

I'm sick and tired of people like Ron Paul bitching about how we need more personal responsibility, but as soon as he makes a glaring error... it isn't his fault and he shouldn't be blamed. You know, it's only his newsletter... he can't be bothered to control every little thing...

Let's suppose he didn't write any of the atrocious things in those newsletters (though I don't believe that for a second). I'm supposed to think he's a good guy and electable when he employs people to represent him that think that way? Great, so Ron Paul MIGHT not be a racist, but his cabinet and advisers are? Well, that is a load off my mind...

Fuck Ron Paul and fuck the little fan boys who have such a crush on him.

Let's examine this disturbed little clover's comment turd in more detail.

Why would you doubt Ron Paul is a racist?

Why would anyone doubt anything? We speak often of giving someone the "benefit of the doubt", and with good reason. We can't know with certainty what someone is by entering their mind, so we go on other things, including their statements and actions. If there was something in their past that indicates one view, we have to (to be honest, and not merely a lying hater spewing venom because you are more offended by libertarianism than you are by the encroaching police state supported by Barack Obama and every other "non-racist" candidate) examine it in light of a person's current views and actions. Not only do I doubt Ron Paul is a racist (whatever that currently means in phony "leftist" parlance, like, you know, all whites are racist by definition or some bullshit) in reality, but I don't for a minute believe he is racist at all now, if he ever was (certainly a possibility). But people can and do change (well, except for lying little hate-filled clovers who leave inane, intellectually dishonest, freedom-hating comments full of logical fallacies).

Because he hides it well these days?

So, Ron Paul is a racist now and deserves no doubt from the lying know-it-all. Let's see, from this same lying piece of shit, I myself have been called numerous names, including at one point, a "child molester" for simply expressing doubt (honest people doubt all the time; only ignorant fools refuse to question) about the use of certain "laws" when no actual crimes were committed (and in that instance I was merely restating the same view of former Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano), but let's stay on Paul, shall we, and focus our attention on the fool's lies regarding the good doctor.

"Hides it well". Yes, because when current facts and reality don't support your wild, lying assertions, the focus of your hate must be hiding their real self. Like some insane biblical creationist who thinks God created the universe with only the appearance of age, hiding the truth behind a facade of ancientness, lying little clovers invent their own reality whenever confronted with facts not to their liking. Hides it well, translation: there is no actual reason or any fact to support the accusation that Ron Paul is currently a racist, so, he must be a hidden racist (because I, the lying statist fool, have no evidence -I almost never do - to back up my claim).

The reality is, Ron Paul is the least racist of any of the major candidates for president. Let's start with the fact that real racists have defined racism as possible only when you have power in society.

Prejudice by itself does not constitute racism, however. Neither does power by itself. But when people use their position of power, be it political or institutional, to reinforce their prejudices and to enforce them so that as a result of their racial prejudices the life chances, rights and opportunities of others are limited, the result is racism. Thus, the simplest definition of racism then is: Racism is prejudice plus power. On the basis of this definition, while all people can be prejudiced, only those who have power are really racist. African Americans, Latinos, Asians and American Indians‹the powerless in American society‹can be and often are most prejudiced toward Whites on an individual basis, but they are not racists at the structural, institutional level. Within this understanding of racism, to be a racist you have to possess two things: 1) socioeconomic power to force others to do what you desire even if they don't want to, and 2), the justification of this power abuse by an ideology of biological supremacy. Keep in mind that what often is described as racism in society today, is really nothing more than prejudice and discrimination. While a Black or Latino person, through the use of a gun and/or intimidation, can force a White person to do as he‹as an individual‹desires, this is an individual act of aggression, not a socially structured power arrangement. At present, however, only Whites have that kind of power...-The Undergirding Factor is POWER
Toward an Understanding of Prejudice and Racism

Since Ron Paul is in the race for President of the United States not to attain power for himself (unlike all the other power-mad candidates) but to reduce the power of the Federal Government over all Americans lives and to reduce his own power as President as well (he opposes the abuse of Presidential Executive Orders and going to war without a declaration of war from Congress, as well as the imperial presidency in general), even if he had racial prejudices he wouldn't seek to enforce them. And, by giving all people more power over their own lives and reducing the state-sanctioned power of those institutions, both government and corporate, that enforce unfair economic advantage, he would actually be improving the socio-economic status of the least powerful in the current crony-capitalist economic system.

But on a more immediately visible issue, the insane power grab called the War on Drugs, Ron Paul is also the only candidate to not only oppose the drug war, but in that opposition, contrasts himself with all of those (including Obama) who support the current racist drug laws. Consider some facts (instead of your bizarre fantasies):

While all the major candidates are vying for the black and Latino vote, they are completely ignoring one of the most pressing issues affecting those constituencies: the failed "war on drugs" -- a war that has morphed into a war on people of color.

Consider this: According to a 2006 report by the American Civil Liberties Union, African Americans make up an estimated 15% of drug users, but they account for 37% of those arrested on drug charges, 59% of those convicted and 74% of all drug offenders sentenced to prison. Or consider this: The U.S. has 260,000 people in state prisons on nonviolent drug charges; 183,200 (more than 70%) of them are black or Latino.-The War on Drugs Is Really a War on Minorities

If actions speak louder than words (and they do for honest people who want the truth and have ears to hear the sounds of reality over the din of the screaming voices of their made-up fantasy world) then Ron Paul, by seeking to END (not reform) the war on drugs, is in FACT the only non-racist running for president in 2012.

I'm sick and tired of people like Ron Paul bitching about how we need more personal responsibility, but as soon as he makes a glaring error... it isn't his fault and he shouldn't be blamed.

This is what we call straining at gnats while swallowing camels. You can also file it with equivocation and comparing apple and oranges.

You know, it's only his newsletter... he can't be bothered to control every little thing...

True, Ron Paul is NOT an obsessive-compulsive control freak, and that's one of the things I like about him. Should he have shown more interest in something going out with his name on it? Probably, and perhaps he put unwarranted trust in others at that point, but nearly 20 years on, it's not something I'm too troubled over. I do know that those who are troubled excessively need to reevaluated their priorities.

Let's suppose he didn't write any of the atrocious things in those newsletters (though I don't believe that for a second).

The lying fool naturally has no doubts when it comes to his obsessive hatred for good. To cover his own appalling nakedness, self-hatred (what his projection onto others really indicates) and deep-seated evil, he lashes out with certainty and won't consider for even a second that he could be wrong. Think about that, for not even one little second! And he's calling out someone else for an error of judgement? Incredible!

Like his mistake in stating that Paul's son, Sen. Rand Paul, was named after Ayn Rand (not true, his full first name is Randal) he didn't even bother to look into the issue of who actually wrote those newsletters.

Yet in interviews with reason, a half-dozen longtime libertarian activists—including some still close to Paul—all named the same man as Paul's chief ghostwriter: Ludwig von Mises Institute founder Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr.

Financial records from 1985 and 2001 show that Rockwell, Paul's congressional chief of staff from 1978 to 1982, was a vice president of Ron Paul & Associates, the corporation that published the Ron Paul Political Report and the Ron Paul Survival Report. The company was dissolved in 2001. During the period when the most incendiary items appeared—roughly 1989 to 1994—Rockwell and the prominent libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard championed an open strategy of exploiting racial and class resentment to build a coalition with populist "paleoconservatives," producing a flurry of articles and manifestos whose racially charged talking points and vocabulary mirrored the controversial Paul newsletters...-Who Wrote Ron Paul's Newsletters?

It would seem the evidence strongly points to Rockwell. According to the reason article, Ron Paul now repudiates the views in those writings. Of course, NOW means nothing to intellectually dishonest fools, and according to the fool currently under our microscope (an exquisite specimen) Paul is currently just "hiding well" his racism. But it's also questionable just how much of it Rockwell himself believed. Shifting alliances from left to right and back again has been a certain strategy of segments of the libertarian and paleo movements, and this is natural, as common ground exists between true liberals and leftists and libertarians (civil liberties, anti-war, drug legalization) and with some on the far-right who have animosity to government in general and the Feds in particular.

Regardless, Lew Rockwell's own views have evolved over the years. 10 years ago you might have seen pro-police and anti-immigration pieces at his website, but no longer. Attacks on police brutality and cops in general and opposition to state
actions against freedom of movement, even across national borders, is more the order of the day now. But to those who are frozen in the certitude of their own delusions, no one and nothing ever changes, viewpoints don't grow and evolve over time, people are always who and what they were.

It's also very interesting how a supposed "skeptic" can have not the slightest skepticism over how race and "racism" are framed and discussed.

I'm supposed to think he's a good guy and electable when he employs people to represent him that think that way?

Who does Ron Paul currently employ who thinks that way? Can the little fool name someone? And, yes, you are supposed (if you're an honest person) to think he's a good guy, because he so obviously is.

Great, so Ron Paul MIGHT not be a racist, but his cabinet and advisers are? Well, that is a load off my mind...

What mind? Demonstrate that you have one first, and that you're not just a programed automaton of the ruling elite and their propaganda. His cabinet and advisers? That's quite a leap in logic from some anonymous author of 20 year old newsletters to unfounded assumptions as to the filling of cabinet positions in a Paul administration.

Fuck Ron Paul

Here we have on embarrassing display the liar's total condensation and contempt (and lack of writing skills, like the morons I have too often encountered who could only express themselves with variations on the use of the word fuck) for those he hates. Repeatedly we have seen the words "Fuck Ron Paul" erupt from his keyboard, but where is the same passionate loathing for the psychopaths now running our government? If you oppose war, the drug laws, support civil liberties, shouldn't the most continual statement out of your mouth be "Fuck Barack Obama"? But of course, it's not about any of that to little liars such as Bret Alan. It's all about striking out at an easy target, one already hated by the establishment of both corrupt political parties in charge of a political system that promises "change" every election cycle but never delivers. It is a system which is falsely called "democracy" but one which the delusional Bret believes we somehow can work within to create real change. But when someone comes along who will actually do something to change the way things operate in this country, he is the one who is dangerous and must be stopped. Telling. Very telling indeed.

and fuck the little fan boys who have such a crush on him.

This is the language of the retarded, juvenile mind that has yet to mature. People who care about liberty, the state's wars, and preserving the Bill of Rights, can be dismissed as "fan boys" who have a "crush" and are therefore not worthy of engaging in serious discussion. However, I will concede to being a "fan" of Ron Paul, if that is the only terminology that will make the point to the mentally challenged Bret. I'm a fan because every other candidate for president is a dangerous sociopath, while in contrast Dr. Paul remains a real, compassionate human being.

Fed Secretly Bailing Out Europe

A former Fed official says in the Wall Street Journal that the Federal Reserve is covertly bailing out Europe. Insight with Gerald O'Driscoll, Cato Institute senior fellow, who says the Fed operated a "temporary U.S. dollar liquidity swap arrangement."

The One

Ron Paul Brochure (front)

Ron Paul Brochure (inside)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How To Become A Slave To The System

Thomas Sowell - The Money Of Fools

End Of The Road (Trailer) - Total Collapse Of World Economy

Is the financial crisis over, or are we heading towards disaster?

End of The Road portrays eleven influential commentators within the finance and investment communities, as they share their knowledge of our current financial structure. Through each of their narratives, a story is built which chronicles the current economic dilemma and paints a picture of the world's financial future.

Unemployment "lower", Europe gonna be fine (more bailouts), Christmas spending putting dollar signs in retailer eyes, consumer confidence up...oh, it's all so rosy! Nothing can stop a recovery now! Right?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Voices From the Occupy Movement

Across the country, the Occupy Movement is developing new forms of exposing the 1%

The Real News

Daddy De Niro

Question: Do you think it's wrong to have a child at an advanced age?

Academy award-winner Robert De Niro and his wife have welcomed a new baby girl...

“His rep says little Helen Grace was carried by a surrogate. She is the second child for the 68-year-old actor and his wife, Grace.Their first son is now 13-years-old.”

America Beyond Capitalism

Gar Alperovitz describes a model that challenges private monopoly ownership without a powerful bureaucratic state.

America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our Democracy

SOPA Cabana

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ron Paul's bizarre mistake

The old story on Ron Paul's newsletters has surfaced again, with Ron Paul claiming he knew nothing about them and never read them.

While I doubt Ron Paul is a racist, and I understand that the story is old, and I get that all of the other candidates are far more evil, it still baffles my mind that Ron Paul would make such a bizarre and easily avoidable mistake.

Let's not pretend that these newsletters were merely "politically incorrect." They were, in fact, horrifically racist and incendiary. The comments on apartheid in South Africa especially made my stomach churn, as did the KKK-esque warnings of a "coming race war."

Ron Paul is probably telling the truth that he didn't write them, but surely he knew something about them. They were (most likely) written by his paleo buddies, and it's laughably unlikely that Paul doesn't know which of them were involved.

It's also ridiculously unlikely that Paul knew nothing about their content. While Paul may not be a racist, my honest opinion is that he didn't mind letting his paleo friends pander to them. This vile shit was going out under HIS NAME. Written in the first person. Sometimes with his SIGNATURE after it. I don't know about you, but anyone who published such filth under my name would get their lights knocked out--especially if I was in politics, for Chrissakes. It clearly didn't bother Paul much..which is simply amazing.

Call me part of the Smearbund, I find that incredibly bizarre. Why wasn't Paul bothered by the whole ordeal? Did he seriously think it wouldn't come back to bite him on the ass, if nothing else?

Strange, man.

Ron Paul: The NDAA Codifies Obama's Power Grab

The Atheist and Her Brain

G. Edward Griffin: The Collectivist Conspiracy

G. Edward Griffin explains how his research, which spans no less than 5 decades, has revealed a banking elite obsessed with enforcing a world government under a collectivist model that will crush individualism and eventually institute martial law as a response to the inevitable backlash that will be generated as a result of a fundamental re-shaping of society.

Merry Christmas from Freedomain Radio!

Stefan Molyneux posted this yesterday on the very unofficial Sunday Christmas. Today's the Empire's officially observed Christmas! Get with the statist program!

It's Still Christmas!

I just realized I can still do Christmas posts today! Today is the official "observed" Christmas Day. I thought it was all over yesterday, when I still had unposted epics like my new Christmas stories, Christmas on Monkey Island and A Christmas Barrel (which reminds of the old game Barrel of Monkeys:

Barrel of Monkeys is a toy game first created by Lakeside Toys in 1965. Today it is produced by the Milton Bradley Company. Milton Bradley's editions consist of a toy barrel in either blue, yellow, red, or green. The barrel contains 12 monkeys, their color usually corresponding to the barrel's color. The instructions on the bottom of the barrel state "Dump monkeys onto table. Pick up one monkey by an arm. Hook other arm through a second monkey's arm. Continue making a chain. Your turn is over when a monkey is dropped." In addition to these basic instructions, the barrel also contains instructions for playing alone or with two or more players.

Knock-offs come in additional colors under the name "Monkeys in Barrel".

I'm interested in checking out the "Monkeys in Barrel" version, as I think it might be a nice change of pace to play the game with Asian monkeys.

So, expect some more Christmas posts today, and feel free to stop by and wish Skeptical Eye a Merry official Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Worst Fox News Anti-Atheist Spin of the Year?

Overdraft Fees - Banks Crying

Bank of America and other large banks are unhappy with the new overdraft fee rules.

SOPA, just stop worrying

...why asking the devil nicely will only get you laughed at.

National Anthem Of The Confederate States Of America

At this Christmastime, let us thank the real military heroes, not those who go to war for the US world empire and kill innocents, invading and occupying countries that have done us no harm, but rather those true heroes of the War for Southern Independence, who stood up for the principles of the original Constitution and fought for freedom from Federal tyrants!

A couple of the YouTube comments:

I'm a yankee (always have been) but I sympathize with the South. The Civil War was unconstitutional. The South paid a hell of a price for wanting their freedom.


My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Thomas Michael Blackwell was a Confederate Officer during the Civil War. He lost his son on Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg. He was a Southern Patriot and a Jew.

The Confederacy was the last stand for liberty. May that spirit of the old South rise once again and this time free us all from the dictatorship in Washington, D.C.

Wonderful Christmastime

Paul McCartney's 1979 promo video for "Wonderful Christmastime".

Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained (A Very TSA Christmas)

In seasons past, Grandma only had to worry about getting run over by a reindeer. With "Grandma Got Run Over by TSA," web sensation Remy gets us in the holiday mood with a song about Christmas, Homeland Security, and the joys of civil rights abuses.

Ed Asner, Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Daniel Sunjata & John Heard To Star In 9/11 Truth Film

-"Confession of a 9/11 Conspirator"

Pomplamoose: Deck the Halls

The Government vs Jesus

At the heart of the Christmas story rests some important lessons concerning free enterprise, government, and the role of wealth in society.

Let's begin with one of the most famous phrases: "There's no room at the inn." This phrase is often invoked as if it were a cruel and heartless dismissal of the tired travelers Joseph and Mary. Many renditions of the story conjure up images of the couple going from inn to inn only to have the owner barking at them to go away and slamming the door.

In fact, the inns were full to overflowing in the entire Holy Land because of the Roman emperor's decree that everyone be counted and taxed. Inns are private businesses, and customers are their lifeblood. There would have been no reason to turn away this man of royal lineage and his beautiful, expecting bride.

In any case, the second chapter of St. Luke doesn't say that they were continually rejected at place after place. It tells of the charity of a single inn owner, perhaps the first person they encountered, who, after all, was a businessman. His inn was full, but he offered them what he had: the stable. There is no mention that the innkeeper charged the couple even one copper coin, though given his rights as a property owner, he certainly could have.

It's remarkable, then, to think that when the Word was made flesh with the birth of Jesus, it was through the intercessory work of a private businessman. Without his assistance, the story would have been very different indeed. People complain about the "commercialization" of Christmas, but clearly commerce was there from the beginning, playing an essential and laudable role.

And yet we don't even know the innkeeper's name. In two thousand years of celebrating Christmas, tributes today to the owner of the inn are absent. Such is the fate of the merchant throughout all history: doing well, doing good, and forgotten for his service to humanity.

Clearly, if there was a room shortage, it was an unusual event and brought about through some sort of market distortion. After all, if there had been frequent shortages of rooms in Bethlehem, entrepreneurs would have noticed that there were profits to be made by addressing this systematic problem, and built more inns.

It was because of a government decree that Mary and Joseph, and so many others like them, were traveling in the first place. They had to be uprooted for fear of the emperor's census workers and tax collectors. And consider the costs of slogging all the way "from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David," not to speak of the opportunity costs Joseph endured having to leave his own business. Thus we have another lesson: government's use of coercive dictates distort the market.

Moving on in the story, we come to Three Kings, also called Wise Men. Talk about a historical anomaly for both to go together! Most Kings behaved like the Roman Emperor's local enforcer, Herod. Not only did he order people to leave their homes and foot the bill for travel so that they could be taxed. Herod was also a liar: he told the Wise Men that he wanted to find Jesus so that he could "come and adore Him." In fact, Herod wanted to kill Him. Hence, another lesson: you can't trust a political hack to tell the truth.

Once having found the Holy Family, what gifts did the Wise Men bring? Not soup and sandwiches, but "gold, frankincense, and myrrh." These were the most rare items obtainable in that world in those times, and they must have commanded a very high market price.

Far from rejecting them as extravagant, the Holy Family accepted them as gifts worthy of the Divine Messiah. Neither is there a record that suggests that the Holy Family paid any capital gains tax on them, though such gifts vastly increased their net wealth. Hence, another lesson: there is nothing immoral about wealth; wealth is something to be valued, owned privately, given and exchanged.

When the Wise Men and the Holy Family got word of Herod's plans to kill the newborn Son of God, did they submit? Not at all. The Wise Men, being wise, snubbed Herod and "went back another way" – taking their lives in their hands (Herod conducted a furious search for them later). As for Mary and Joseph, an angel advised Joseph to "take the child and his mother, and fly into Egypt." In short, they resisted. Lesson number four: the angels are on the side of those who resist government.

In the Gospel narratives, the role of private enterprise, and the evil of government power, only begin there. Jesus used commercial examples in his parables (e.g., laborers in the vineyard, the parable of the talents) and made it clear that he had come to save even such reviled sinners as tax collectors.

And just as His birth was facilitated by the owner of an "inn," the same Greek word "kataluma" is employed to describe the location of the Last Supper before Jesus was crucified by the government. Thus, private enterprise was there from birth, through life, and to death, providing a refuge of safety and productivity, just as it has in ours.

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. - The Economic Lessons of Bethlehem

republished under the following notice: Copyright © 2001 by Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

Occupy Paradise

Let's Destroy Marxism

Are you tired of PowerNoggins who offer "analysis" of various domestic or global events, but use the "analysis" to brag on their warehouse of trivial facts that don't relate in any meaningful way to the events being "analyzed"?

When someone writes about current events but uses pretentious, never-heard-in-conversation words it's safe to assume the writer isn't trying to help you understand the events being "analyzed," but instead is trying to impress you with his/her vocabulary. Sadly, in many corners of American society, this gambit works a treat. People will assume a writer or speaker is "intelligent" and "educated" if she uses words that must be looked up in a dictionary.

Communication isn't about impressing the audience with words that must be researched. If you send your audience to the dictionary, you're not communicating.

A good communicator knows how to talk simply about complex things.

A good analyst knows how to break down complex things, to make them understandable in simple words.

However, among PowerNoggins, talking simply is considered "redneck" or "reactionary" or the like. PowerNoggins have their little secret handshakes with words like "reactionary" and often you'll find, if you dig around, that the secret handshakes originate in Marxist dogma.

There aren't many systems of belief that are more closed and self-impressed than Marxism. The writings of Glossy Karl are some of the best examples in modern publication of PowerNoggin thinking and expression. They are so dense, so over-complex, so absurdly loaded with insider jargon that they function as a Secret Password for entry into the PowerNoggin Clubhouse.

Whenever you find a writer or "analyst" using Marxist jargon or code-phrases that originate in Marxist jargon, you know you are in the company of someone who seeks to exclude others, rather than include them, in the communication.

-constructive destruction: For Christmas, let's destroy Marxism.

Time Travel and Time Machines

Physics Professor Ronald Mallett discussed his breakthrough research on time travel, which is based on Einstein's theories of relativity. "If we can control gravity with a device, then we can actually control time, as well, and that could lead to a machine," he said.

Christmas Morning Beatles!

The Queen's Christmas Message

Fox Neo-Cons Fighting Hard Against Ron Paul

Paul now leads in Iowa, and it has the neocon warmongering warfare state pro-police state GOP establishment going crazy. Notice how former McCain/Palin asswipe Ford O'Connell (and by the way, Ford, McCain got his ass kicked in 08 by Obama, or have you forgotten already - yeah, he was a great candidate!) when asked if Ron Paul wins the nomination, calls Paul "dangerous" and goes to the issue (along with the moronic statist Fox "News" host) of Dr. Paul "not being a team player" (meaning, of course, the pro-war neocon team) and those "racist" newsletters of 20 years ago. He also shifts purposely away from comparing Paul vs. Obama to neocon liar and statist Romney vs Obama to a Ron Paul third party run ruining it for Romney!

No mention of Americans being sick of foreign wars and Paul's increasing popularity with former Obama supporters (because Ron Paul would actually do what Obama only promised to do).

Stop shilling for the state, Ford, and go disappear!

Christmas on the Beach

Thousands flock to Bondi beach in Sydney to celebrate Christmas in the sun.

Reminds me of my many, many beach Christmases from years past. How we frolicked in the sun and built Santa and his sled out of sand. One year, I was on the beach in my trunks and a Santa hat. I was watching some hot babes play volleyball when suddenly some jackass kicked sand in my face and walked off with my girl. I got mad, but with my skinny build I couldn't do anything about the situation. Then, from out of nowhere, an elf appeared at my side. I figured it was just a dwarf dressed like an elf for the holiday, but he gave my a Santa Claus comic book and advised I read an advertisement on the inside front cover, which I proceeded to do.

Tired of having sand thrown in your face while sitting on the beach, you sick little weakling? Well, get big and fat like Santa and no one will push you around again (because it will take a forklift to move you). Santa was tired of being the skinny guy so he started eating until he was as big as a house, and now, when he goes to the beach, no one dares challenge him! Get fat by following the method Santa used! Send $4.95 to Santa at the North Pole and he'll send you his Secret to Fatty Dominance of the Beach booklet.

Stop being pushed around by muscle bound freaks! Get fat now!

Well, I sent for the info, and boy did I get fat fast. Every day at the beach I had a pile of food and added beach snack bar fare like hot dogs and ice cream. In almost no time I was looking like a beached whale! The muscle boys didn't kick sand in my face anymore! Now it was time to get the girl back. I went to where the jerk was stretched out on his beach towel, the girl next to him and feeding him grapes. I kicked sand in his face and when he could see again he ran like a scared rabbit! I grabbed the girl but she spit in my face and called me fatso. I dropped her like a hot potato and went off alone to sulk and drown my sorrows in beach Twinkies.

How to Spot a Terrorist (according to the real terrorists in Washington, D.C.)

Do you own flashlights? Or pay with cash instead of a credit card? And do grocery shopping for the week? I do. You probably do – and guess what, according to the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, that could make both of us terrorists.
Recently, a Department of Homeland Security video has been making its way around the Internet; it tells people in no mixed terms that “paying cash is suspicious and weird.” In an assertive, yet calm voice, the narrator tells viewers that, “if a patron appears nervous or anxious, or insists on paying cash, contact security personnel. This IS suspicious behavior.”

So basically, if you’ve had a stressful day and don’t have a credit card, you're done for.-Read More: Cash is trash: Big American Brother gives hints on how to spot citizen terrorists

Weiner and The Gang of Creepy Congressmen

Actually, they're almost all creepy (and extremely dangerous). What's more abnormal than favoring the death penalty for someone who kills one person but letting two mass murderers who have killed thousands (George W. Bush and Barack Obama) go scot-free while also supporting their killing sprees? Give me thousands of online photos of their naughty bits and creepy poses and costumes instead; at least then no one gets hurt too badly (though thousands may still get sick).

Chocolate Chip Cookies

In a large bowl mix
1 2/3 cups of Crisco Butter flavored shortening
3 large eggs
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
1 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

Mix this gooey stuff all together (it's better if done by hand)

Then add 3-4 cups of Flour
The dough should not be too sticky.
It should stick together, but not to you!

Once the flour has been worked in add one pack of Nestle Tollhouse semi sweet chocolate chips!

Drop from a teaspoon onto a cookie sheet

Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Two Duds: Shopping Done?

MythBuster's Adam Savage Against SOPA

All right, I had sorta given up on watching MythBusters, but I'm gonna start watching again just cause I'm so pleased with what Adam Savage had to say about copyright Nazism...

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), passed in 1998, is a lousy piece of legislation and a very useful lens through which to regard these two new pieces of legislation. Think of all the stories you've read over the past 14 years of people slapping DMCA takedowns of content that they didn't own, just because they didn't like what it had to say. One that comes to mind is Uri Gellar, the popular psychic who performed spoon bending and other tricks on TV in the 1970s. Using a DMCA claim, he had YouTube pull videos of him being humiliated during a 1973 appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, when he had no copyright claim to them at all.

This is exactly what will happen with Protect IP and SOPA. We've seen it again and again. Give people a club like this and you can kiss the Internet as you know it goodbye. It's really that bad. And it's a clear violation of our First Amendment right to free speech.

Read more:MythBuster Adam Savage: SOPA Could Destroy the Internet as We Know It - Popular Mechanics

The Biggest Freedom News of 2011 - And What 2012 Has In Store!

Freedomain Radio

The Vinny Eastwood Show


Giving can be in both material and non-material forms such as time, friendship, trust, advice and joy.

Merry Christmas From The Beatles!

The Beatles' Christmas records were spoken and musical messages from English rock group The Beatles that were posted out on flexi disc at Christmas time to members of their official fan-clubs in the United Kingdom and the United States. One such record was issued each year from 1963–1969 and an LP compilation of all seven in 1970.

Conceived as a means to appease fan-club members whose letters, due to their sheer volume, were not always being answered in a timely manner, the records included the Beatles' messages of thanks to "loyal Beatle people", along with skits, Christmas carols, and original compositions.

None of the original recordings has ever been subject to general release though a version of "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)", an original composition which appeared in edited form on the 1967 record, eventually gained an official release in 1995, as part of the The Beatles Anthology project.- The Beatles' Christmas records

The Who - Christmas & The Acid Queen Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970

The State vs Santa

No one is immune from STATE sponsored Piracy not even Santa. Officer Jiggles arrests Santa just before Christmas.

Dear Mr Skeptical (episode 19)

Mr Skeptical,

I have a question...thank you!

Why did my grandma get run over by a reindeer?


I Club Baby Deer

Deer Baby,

Your Grandma was a menace to us all! Why did it happen, you ask? BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT! She probably had a sign on her that said, "Please run me over, Mr. Reindeer". I've known these crazy, suicidal so-called "grandmas" all my life, with their short, gray, man-like, unfeminine haircuts and masculine ways. They get depressed around the holidays because they know they no longer look like women and that most people can't distinguish them from men. So, what do they do? They go out where they know Santa's reindeer run and stand right in the way of oncoming traffic, hoping it's not a car but a reindeer, and sometimes causing massive accidents right at Christmas and causing untold heartache to innocent, non-grandmas. Oh, your grandma wanted it, all right. And you have the audacity to blame a poor reindeer? Disgraceful!

Dear Mr. Skeptical

They said you were dead and that you left extensive notes for future answers to reader's questions. How can this be? What kind of notes and responses are we talking here? How can they have material for all these answers to new questions?


Inquiring Mind Wants to Know!

Dear Mind Your Own Beeswax,

I left Nikk a copy of a good unabridged dictionary and labeled it "Mr. Skeptical's notes for future columns". Believe me, it contains within its pages the answers to all your questions.

Dear Mr Skeptic

Do you celebrate Christmas? I ask because right now you have a crazy Christmas header (looks like a madman designed it, by the way - do you have insane people working for your blog?) and I thought this blog and you were atheists


Concerned for Atheist Purity

Dear Purity,

What a lovely name you have! Doing anything tonight? It's Christmas Eve and I can keep you warm and cozy. I also have a great big, long present I like to give you.

As to your question, it depends what you mean by celebrate. I don't celebrate anything. I know that some foolish atheists, however, actually believe Christian propaganda that December 25 is Jesus birthday. How stupid! It's really the day when we "celebrate" a retail buying frenzy that helps merchants and creates massive household debt. I, unfortunately, many years ago, became dazzled by the colorful lights of the season, and have devoted myself each and every year to creating fabulous light displays that awe and amaze broke, up to their eyebrows in credit card debt, losers. The pièce de résistance of the whole thing is a lighted Nativity display with yours truly as the baby Jesus. Because of my adult size, perhaps you wonder how it is I manage to play a baby. Easy, I get giant sumo wrestlers from Japan to play Joesph, Mary and the wise men.

Merry Christmas!

Bradley Manning vs the US military

The case of Bradley Manning versus the US military and the implications for whistleblowers.

On the coverage of Manning by the statist US pro-government media, this statement from the video couldn't say it better:

When there is coverage, it's very much through the lens of the state

Do you remember when our current Liar-in-Chief Barack Obama said that he would support government whistleblowers? Of course, just like he said that the "first" thing he would do when he became president would be to end the war in Iraq (and didn't do), he lied about supporting government whistleblowers.

Here is someone who actually does support government whistleblowers.-Ron Paul Supports Hero Bradley Manning (Unlike Our Current President)

In a rally from January, Ron Paul, who wants to be Commander in Chief, says that we shouldn't punish people for leaking classified information.

Friday, December 23, 2011

How Ron Paul Would Defend America

Columnist Jack Hunter helps explain why Ron Paul is not an isolationist and how he would defend the homeland.

Geraldo Rivera Supports Ron Paul's Foreign Policy

Rudolph, Ron Paul Style

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul: Follow the Constitution

Dr. Ron Paul visits Bettendorf, Iowa prior to the Iowa Caucus on January 3, 2012.

Obama Ready to Sign Indefinite Detention Without Trial of Americans Act

Legislation that will let President Obama and future leaders of America detain and torture Americans indefinitely has made it to the White House, where it is expected to be soon signed into law by the commander-in-chief.

-Indefinite detention and torture act arrives at White House

Of course, some bloggers are more riled up about old newsletters than they are about basic civil liberties disappearing NOW. How can you tell? Why, it's easy (just check for the number of posts they've made on each).


Remember, Ron Paul opposes this atrocity, while the "liberal" African American Obama supports it wholeheartedly. Now, what's more relevant TODAY, 20 year old newsletters, or the current destruction by the Federal Government of what remains of your rights?

Paul's story changes on racial comments

Some issues of the newsletters included racist, anti-Israel or anti-gay comments, including a 1992 newsletter in which he said 95% of black men in Washington "are semi-criminal or entirely criminal."

Paul told TheDallas Morning News in 1996 that the contents of his newsletters were accurate but needed to be taken in context.

A 1992 newsletter about Washington referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as "the world-class philanderer who beat up his paramours."

Another newsletter about AIDS said people suffering from the disease should not be allowed to eat in restaurants "because AIDS can be transmitted by saliva," a claim that is not supported by medical evidence. Paul is a physician.

Paul's story changes on racial comments

Merry Christmas from Coldplay

Christmas Lights (Live in Berlin, 21 Dec 2011)

Paper Towels

image by Listener42 under Creative Commons

I'm a paper kind of guy (or plastic if I'm in the mood and walking home from the supermarket; easier to carry my purchases) so I have no problem using paper towels. Paper towels go back to at least the 1920s or 30s, and have been a standard in kitchens ever since. Some people even buy them like toilet paper, in multi-packs. Lately I've just been picking up a roll at a time at the dollar store near my post office (though I do wonder how long both entities will remain in existence; what with the post office's troubles and Federal Reserve inflation) and those are adequate enough. I just don't believe in paying a lot for something made out of paper, especially when it's gonna be used to wipe up a mess in the kitchen. Also, according to the website below, "Earth Friendly Products, one of the priciest paper towels, were the lowest rated of all, with a score of 26". What's the Best Paper Towel for Holiday Clean-Ups?

So paying more doesn't necessarily mean a better product, though in this case, it sounds like a possible "green" penalty has been imposed. I guess that's what can happen when you follow the dangerous path of "green" insanity.

Child Victim of War Criminal Obama's Drone Strikes

via Lew Rockwell Blog: Here's a Little Girl 'Thankful' to the Chickenhawk Republicans and O-bomb-a

SOPA, Piracy, Censorship and the End of the Internet?

Stephen Kinsella on Freedomain Radio

Stephan Kinsella, an American intellectual property lawyer and libertarian legal theorist, discusses the First Amendment violations of the Stop Internet Piracy Act

Saving People From Parking Tickets

Fr33 Agents

Military to Designate Americans as Enemy During Collapse

FEMA Continuity of Government Plans Prep Total Takeover of Society, Dispatching Military Domestically Under Economic Collapse Emergency.

Bill O'Reilly on Ron Paul Iran Policy = BS

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly claimed that Rep. Ron Paul is 'disqualified' as a 2012 Republican Presidential candidate because of his position on Iran...

If Only Isaac Asimov Had Lived To See This

Robots are getting their own Facebook-style social networking site-Robots get social network of their very own

"Clouds look like ocean waves"

Wind shear makes amazing waves in Alabama's skies

Hate From Establishment Republicans

"If the establishment is this afraid of him, then he must be doing something right." -Cenk Ugyur

If he's losing they ignore him, if he's winning they ignore him...when Ron Paul was coming in second or third, being in second or third was irrelevant. If Ron Paul is first, then what's relevant is coming in second or third

Ron Paul is hated by establishment Republicans. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks down a Politico article on the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate.

The alarms are sounding in Iowa.

Conservatives and Republican elites in the state are divided over who to support for the GOP nomination, but they almost uniformly express concern over the prospect that Ron Paul and his army of activist supporters may capture the state’s 2012 nominating contest — an outcome many fear would do irreparable harm to the future role of the first-in-the-nation caucuses.-Will Ron Paul kill the caucuses?

Ron Paul Surges in Polls, But Still Dismissed by Media

New Military Detention Powers Threaten Basic Rights

President Obama is in full support of provisions that target US citizens and others with extraordinary powers of detention without trial.

Question of the Day: Do Libertarians Hate Superheroes?

T.C. asks, I only attempt to answer:

Superman and his fascist "patriotism" and support of the cops and the "law", no! Batman and his suspicions about the established order and his operation on the edge of (if not outside) the law, maybe (some interpretations of Batman are more objectionable than others).

I'll have more on this later, and the strange case of Frank Miller. I recently finished a book (Kevin Anderson's Enemies & Allies) about Superman and Batman set in the 1950s during the cold war. Batman was definitely more "libertarian" in that one than goody two-shoes (related to "Super Cheap"? -see link) Superman.

It may be news to...the majority of readers that Superman, the highly coveted American film hero, is an expression and a creation of fascist minds rooted in a political culture that epitomizes power and the use of force.

This is so, as Superman alters the nature of reality and creates a reality of his own, which defies human understanding and logic. He also violates every rule of physics and all scientific principles known to humanity. The notion of Superman is based on the idea of a battle between "good vs. evil," from an exclusively American perspective, where the battle always demonstrates an external threat to American society and its people.-America Uses Superman to Promote its Fascist Agenda

This is so, as Superman alters the nature of reality and creates a reality of his own, which defies human understanding and logic.

That sounds more like the Christian God to me, but what do I know.

Jack Hunter and Scott Horton: Ron Paul and Iran

Jack Hunter, talk radio host, Charleston newspaper columnist and Ron Paul 2012 blogger, discusses the Michele Bachmann/Ron Paul debate on Iran policy; why David Frum is (sort of) correct that Republicans live in an alternate reality quite apart from the real world; the consistency of pro-war pundits, from the Reagan era to today; why Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are both responsible for a million Iraqi deaths; and how a timely release of the 2011 National Intelligence Estimate could help avert war with Iran (like the 2007 version did).-

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why Ron Paul Shouldn't Be Dismissed

Rep. Ron Paul's potential in the 2012 election despite the many naysayers.

Ron Paul Turns Up The Heat

Future of Freedom Foundation Founder Jacob Hornberger tells FBN's Ashley Webster why Ron Paul is turning up the heat on his competitors for the 2012 nomination as he surges in the polls.

SOPA Warnings and International Internet Regulation

It would be deserved poetic justice to see the rotten pond scum in Congress, the puppets of Hollywood and the copyright Nazis, have this anti-freedom legislation come back to bite the hands that created it.

During the waning days of the 2008 presidential race, there was an important but overlooked occurrence on the John McCain campaign. In mid-October, the McCain campaign awoke to find that its Web videos and online advertisements were disappearing from its YouTube page.

The culprit turned out to be a major television network claiming they owned portions of the videos and that posting the clips was a violation of copyright law. Even though the campaign, and many others in the online community, believed the content to be privileged under the “Fair Use Doctrine,” the videos were pulled down.
Fast-forward more than three years, and a new piece of legislation is making its way through Congress that would make it easier for online campaign content and websites to be taken down. Even more concerning, if passed, this bill would allow opposing campaigns or campaign committees — not just the original content provider — to pull down websites harboring “infringing content.”

DeMaura and Segal: All Candidates Should Be Concerned About SOPA

The United States is unprepared for an international fight that’s brewing over whether the Internet will remain free from government regulations or fall increasingly under the control of emerging global powers, Federal Communications Commissioner Robert McDowell warned Monday

“The proponents of Internet freedom and prosperity have been asleep at the switch,” Mr. McDowell, the lone Republican serving at the FCC, told editors and reporters at The Washington Times. “Or maybe I should say asleep at the router."

FCC official: ‘Internet freedom’ threatened

Post of the Moment: This is what happens when people assume military action is the solution to any problem

WARNING: Graphic photos

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Ron Paul, Raw Milk and You

REP. RON PAUL (R-TX): “You’re inhibited by the federal government to buy and drink raw milk. I’m all for raw milk. I think you should make your own choice on whether you drink raw milk or not.”

I've had raw milk a few times in my life. I don't normally buy it because it's expensive (I do live in a state where raw milk is legal) but I have bought it a few times in recent years and drank it without any harmful effects. Also, as a teenager, I lived on a ranch once where they had some goats, and they would milk the goats out in the barn (didn't even really practice any sanitation when they did it, and sometimes the several cats on the place would try to get their faces into the milk container and have to be pushed away) and we'd have the raw goat milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was the best milk I've ever had in my life, and again, it didn't hurt me at all.

The war against raw milk has produced propaganda that is entirely omnipotent and duplicitous, and meanwhile, Ron Paul has stepped up to fight this war on the side of freedom. The raw milk affair may seem insignificant to those who exist in a comatose state, but this battle is only one small splinter of a much larger war on the freedom of choice that determines individual health and quality of life. In fact, Ron Paul is a heroic food freedom advocate. He is taking on special interests and defending individual choice from the omnipotent powers that desire to herd us like cattle through the gates of conventional wisdom.-Karen De Coster: Ron Paul's Raw Milk Pitch

The Punk Patriot on the Indefinite Detention Bill (that the lying scumbag, "liberal", "progressive" Obama supports)

The Punk Patriot

The PP also (as with another true liberal, Cenk Uygar) makes the case for Ron Paul, in spite of any differences he may have with him:

Also, to hear the applause coming from a GOP audience at the line, "WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER WAR!" gives me goosebumps. It might really be possible that Ron Paul could be the nominee of the GOP. I would LOVE to see a debate between Ron Paul and Barack Obama.


Because this right-wing hardliner would be running to the LEFT of Obama on War, Civil Liberties, Drug Legalization, and Gay Marriage.-Ron Paul is now the frontrunner in Iowa.

With bipartisan support of warmongering and destruction of the Bill of Rights, only Ron Paul of all the major presidential candidates stands against the current rise of fascism in America. If you care about the survival of civil liberties, there is no one else you should even think about voting for this election year (and I say this only to those that do vote; I gave up on the whole thing after the fiasco of 2000).

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't Be Afraid... It's A No Knock SWAT RAID!

Hunter Thompson on Letterman, Circa 1988

The War on Wages

Dr. Heiner Flassbeck: If wages don't rise and the "pathological" power of finance is not pushed back, we will face a deep depression.

The Commentator on Ron Paul

I think it's great how Ron Paul is pushing the GOP. He looks poised to challenge if not win Iowa.

All I can say is, go Ron Paul!

Look, the arguments used against Paul is premised on the fact people don't understand libertarian principles. It's not that hard to grasp.

Sure, there are some "spooky" things he advocates; like legalizing marijuana and reducing the government by 80% (which I believe most givernment departments shouldn't have been in operation in the first place), and basically eliminating the concept of Manifest Destiny.


He's exactly what this country needs. A kick in the ass. -Ron Paul Good For America's Soul

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Calvin & Hobbes Snowmen


How they did it

Kim Jong-il Liked to Look

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