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Since we added an attic, I thought I'd build a basement as well. Kind of a workplace for new projects and ideas that may not be ready for the real blog just yet. It might also play a future role in storing more link lists and such things as archives of SE posts.
Skeptical Eye Basement
Forget fiscal cliffs, what's coming is much, much worse, and to keep up, you need:
Coming Depression News

And don't forget contributor's blogs:

On the Rim of Insanity

On the Rim is Swiftfoxmark2's blog. Good posts there. Be sure to check it out.

Please be sure to visit me at Facebook as well!

And here's a little blog where I write other little things, so check it out every so often. I don't think I'll be posting there a whole lot, but ya never know!

Living In Anecdotes: a human experience

My Dad
Greg Vetter

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