Thursday, February 28, 2013

Unlawful Laws

It is important to remember that the United States Constitution is only as good as the people who have sworn to uphold it.  Mike Maharrey’s logic in this video is sound though and he makes great points.

The mentality among Congress people these days is that any law they passed is constitutional until the Supreme Court reverses.  In other words, they can pass any law they want, require the executive branch to enforce it, and you have to wait for its constitutionality to be tested starting with the lower, inferior courts all the up to the Supreme Court.  This process takes years sometimes.  Meanwhile, the bureaucrats are busily writing into the Second Set of Books (the mandates and decrees which enforce the laws) and are adapting policies to implement the law.

Inevitably, the Supreme Court will usually side with the State over the people.  They have, after all, made a career in working for the State in some capacity.  A lawyer is merely an agent of the State, regardless of whether he or she is a private attorney or a public official.  Their whole job description is about making sure that people stay with the boundaries defined by the State.  And this is why we shouldn’t be surprised with decisions like Plessy v. Ferguson or Kelo v. New London or any other case in which the rights of people were infringed over the interests of the State.  Remember, it was the judges who allowed factories to pollute in the 1800s and who told citizens that any money you deposit in the bank is not yours to withdraw.

Thus, everyone with an agenda gets away with it, regardless of what the supreme contract of the land says while the producers lose more and more to the looter and moocher classes.

And we are told by pundits of both the Left and the Right to work such a corrupt system in order to fix it?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Abolish the FDA Part 1323: Diet Milk

Now, more than ever, the Food and Drug Administration needs to be abolished.  They are increasingly becoming the largest crony capitalist agency of the United States Federal government.  Case in point is this latest gem:

IDFA and NMPF request their proposed amendments to the milk standard of identity to allow optional characterizing flavoring ingredients used in milk (e.g., chocolate flavoring added to milk) to be sweetened with any safe and suitable sweetener—including non-nutritive sweeteners such as aspartame. IDFA and NMPF state that the proposed amendments would promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products. They state that lower-calorie flavored milk would particularly benefit school children who, according to IDFA and NMPF, are more inclined to drink flavored milk than unflavored milk at school. As further support for the petition, IDFA and NMPF state that the proposed amendments would assist in meeting several initiatives aimed at improving the nutrition and health profile of food served in the nation's schools. Those initiatives include state-level programs designed to limit the quantity of sugar served to children during the school day. Finally, IDFA and NMPF argue that the proposed amendments to the milk standard of identity would promote honesty and fair dealing in the marketplace and are therefore appropriate under section 401 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 341).

On top of that, the International Dairy Foods Association and the National Milk Producers Federation are pushing to keep these new additives out of the listing of ingredients in milk.  In other words, they are making Diet Milk and not telling anyone.  Central planning at its finest.

This can have far-reaching consequences.  I know that aspartame is a very controversial additive, being blamed for various things ranging from macular degeneration to cancer as well as not doing a damn thing about obesity, but I will instead focus on what I do know: my father is allergic to aspartame.  It’s like a lactic acid allergy not a peanut allergy.

Do we know how many kids out there are also allergic to the additive?  How many kids out there will start shitting themselves at school because of the FDA’s own misguided policies and short-sightedness?  Maybe the FDA should just corral all the allergic into a camp where kids can concentrate more despite shitting themselves.

And don’t you love how they are using the excuse of reducing sugar intake as their justification for making Diet Milk?  How about the school cafeteria’s stop serving garbage and the principals across America get rid of the damn vending machines?  Instead it’s to poison our children with a dubious additive that may not even accomplish the state objective in the first place.

The FDA is largely an irrelevant organization these days.  In an era where social media can spread more information much faster, do we need a government agency overseeing the safety of the food and drug supply.  If anything, they misreport what they do and instead try and allow things like Diet Milk to occur.  In a true free market system, no company would dare attempt such a thing as the backlash would be huge.  Instead we have a nanny state trying to poison children and telling us it’s for their own good.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Mark Fuckerberg can go to Hell.

Daytona 500

Rooting for Danica Patrick because she's the only woman in the race and men can go fuck themselves!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons

Game show legend Chuck Woolery discusses the need for Americans to have the right to carry assault weapons.

How The Government & Media Cheated Ron Paul

Remember: representative democracy is just a dog and pony show.  For almost two centuries in the United States, our Presidential candidates have been handpicked by whatever the dominant business interest is of the times.  For example, both Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas, both long-time rivals even in the Presidential race of 1860, had close ties to Illinois Central Railroad.  Douglas himself was a shill for them, providing the typical government privileges and Lincoln was a lawyer who represented them.

The fact is, Ron Paul got the most individual donations to his campaign in comparison to every other candidate in both parties, especially from the military.  Yes there were top brass who denounced him, but you have to view top generals and admirals in the armed forces as nothing more than bureaucrats in fancy uniforms.  They have long forgotten the horrors of war, if they have ever experienced it, and come up with cute new ideas to destroy the armed services (like partying during basic training and putting women on the front lines).

If the past election proved anything, its that the President is a puppet figure head of dominant financial interests, nothing more.  This is why Barack Obama spends more of his time vacationing than leading.  He doesn’t have to do anything as the bureaucratic machine moves ever forward and is run by handpicked corporate favorites.

This is why Ron Paul was treated as he was in the mainstream media and by the Republican party elite.  They could not stand a true leader in the office as the Presidency still does hold a lot of potentially untapped power.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Facing Up To The Consequences

A Missouri state legislature introduces a novel idea:

A Missouri lawmaker is proposing to send colleagues to prison for introducing gun control legislation — a plan that even its sponsor acknowledges has no chance of passage but nonetheless highlights the increasingly strident tone of gun measures in Missouri’s generally pro-gun Legislature.

Rep. Mike Leara said Tuesday that he considers his bill a statement of principle. It would make lawmakers guilty of a felony punishable by up to four years in prison if they introduce legislation restricting gun rights.

“I have no illusions about the bill making it through the legislative process, but I want it to be clear that the Missouri House will stand in defense of the people’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” Leara, a Republican from suburban St. Louis, said in a written statement. He declined further comment.

Why stop with anti-gun laws?  Why not expand it to all frivolous or illegal legislation that is passed by any local, state, or federal official, be they elected, appointed, or hired into some sort of government position.  Why stop with legislation, but also go with executive orders, judicial pronouncements, or bureaucratic mandates?

The main problem with representative democracy is that there are no consequences for the actions of our “representatives” if they misbehave in some fashion or another.  From judges who constantly change and twist the very laws of nature itself in order to fit their lofty ideals to legislatures who create laws simply to gain a favorable voting bloc to executives who execute blatantly illegal orders, we see this problem all the time.

One of the reasons I view government as optional is because of its inherent monopoly on coercive force.  This has allowed the official who operate the system to manipulate it to their own ends without suffering any of the consequences that you or I would face should we commit similar actions on our own.

This is why I inherently distrust the actions of any State official at any level because I know that this is a person who could outright lie and never suffer the consequences for it.

It is high time that freedom-lovers truly consider the real value of freedom.  That true freedom means facing the consequences of your actions, for good or ill, and that all the government really does is shield a select group of favored people from said consequences.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

FAA Official Speaks Doublespeak To Dumb Masses

So it looks like the Federal government is promising that drones won’t be armed when they fly over the United States:

An official with the Federal Aviation Administration reassured the public Wednesday that no armed drones will be permitted in U.S. airspace, but he acknowledged the agency can do little about privacy fears associated with the unmanned craft.

In an address to the drone-industry’s leading trade group, which is meeting this week in Northern Virginia, Jim Williams said existing rules already bar aircraft from using weapons and “we don’t have any plans of changing [those rules] for unmanned aircraft.”

“We currently have rules in the books that deal with releasing anything from an aircraft, period. Those rules are in place and that would prohibit weapons from being installed on a civil aircraft,” said Mr. Williams, who heads the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office, formed last year to shepherd drones into already-crowded American skies and integrate drone use with the manned-aircraft system.

The FAA has cited “privacy concerns” as one reason it has fallen behind the congressionally mandated integration schedule, but Mr. Williams said the agency actually can’t do much of anything about those fears.

“The FAA has no authority to make rules or enforce any rules relative to privacy,” he said. “We can ask [the industry] to take into consideration the privacy issue. … There aren’t any rules to date on that.”

More than a half-dozen bills have been introduced in Congress to address those Fourth Amendment and personal privacy issues. At least 11 states, including Virginia, are pursuing similar measures.

The drone industry desperately wants to turn public attention away from their use for warfighting and snooping, instead emphasizing how law enforcement, farmers, media organizations, firefighters and numerous others will benefit when drones become available for commercial use, which is set for September 2015.

Now, I don’t mind drones becoming available to the public in the free market.  As long as the demand is there, then we should be allowed to purchase our own drones, even weaponized ones (here some drone control).

But does anyone with any common sense actually believe FAA official Jim Williams when he says that the drones the government uses won’t have weapons on it?

Lying is the primary language of the State.  Their promises are empty and worthless and their word is about as creditworthy as a homeless man.

Ron Paul Reacts to State of the Union Address

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christopher Dorner Murdered

Sadly, his murder will go unprosecuted as the people who did so have the whole backing of the legal system behind them:

What did they expect to happen when they set the cabin on fire?  Did they think he would surrender?

This whole incident should serve as a warning to all mundanes who are outside of the protection of law enforcement.  If the police are willing to burn one of their to death because of the horrible crimes he committed against you, then what hope do you have once they have cornered you?

Understand too that when I say Mr. Dorner was murdered, I mean it in the moral sense.  I am sure there is some legal bullshit that basically states these officers are off the hook.  But they are morally responsible for his life, regardless of what he had done to them.  Human life is sacred and should not be taken so easily or so brazenly.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chris Dorner is the State’s Worst Fear

As I am writing this, Chris Dorner has been apparently cornered.  In case you missed it, Mr. Dorner has waged a one man, American-style war on the Los Angeles Police Department, largely because he blames them for his own failures in life.  I’ll grant that he was unjustly kicked of the police force for reporting police brutality and corruption of “fellow” officers, but he apparently lost his family and life after this, none of which can be attributed to the LAPD.

In any case Mr. Dorner has acted wrongly.  I know that I am a large critic of the police and the military and so it may come as a surprise to some of you but I don’t condone Mr. Dorner’s murders (if he did indeed commit them).  I think he deserves to account for the lives he has taken.

However, I doubt Mr. Dorner will come out of this alive.  Even if he tries to surrender, I have a suspicion that he will still be taken out by the police, largely because they are very eager to exact revenge on him for breaking the golden rule of the State: the law enforcement officer is sacred and righteous.

At no point has the mainstream media been critical of the tactics used by certain LAPD officers in pursuit of Mr. Dorner.  Firing upon vehicles that don’t even remotely resemble the perpetrator’s vehicle is an act of attempted murder.  And yet no one is calling for the officers involved in such shootings to be indicted for attempted murder.  In colonial times, such men would be in prison awaiting trial right now, police officer or not.

Meanwhile, the men who were the primary targets of Mr. Dorner’s War are pissing themselves, followed by hiding in a corner, and praying to their impotent gods (the State).  They have police protection round the clock.  And they dare to call Mr. Dorner a coward.  He is a murderer and a madman, but he is no coward.  Talk about projection.

This whole incident, though, highlights the worst fears of the State (the collection of selfish individuals who plan and/or implement the policies and procedures of government): they fear the civilians who rise up against them more than anything else.  This is why they implement policies of population control, where groups like Planned Parenthood are given tax dollars to wipe out black babies.  This is why they are hell bent on banning gun ownership among the non-governmental parasites as regular people with guns are probably better shots than their own enforcers.  And this is why they are trying to take over health care as they can then control when we live and when we die.

Mr. Dorner is a madman.  But he has demonstrated the pure cowardice, ineptness, and downright blood thirst of the police when they are faced with a real threat.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham is Trying to Kill Me

And he’s probably trying to kill everyone else who doesn’t agree with centralized government power:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) will offer a resolution next week commending President Barack Obama’s use of drones and the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki.

“Every member of Congress needs to get on board,” Graham said. “It’s not fair to the president to let him, leave him out there alone quite frankly. He’s getting hit from libertarians and the left.

“I think the middle of America understands why you would want a drone program to go after a person like Anwar al-Awlaki,” Graham added.

The newest discussions about drones and al-Awlaki comes after the White House sent a memo to members of Congress explaining the reasoning behind their killing of an American citizen who was working for Al Qaeda.

Graham said the resolution will allow for a debate about who the nation is at war with and what proper action during times of war is.

“The process of being targeted I think is legal, quite frankly laborious and should reside in the commander in chief to determine who an enemy combatant is and what kind of force to use,” Graham told reporters on Wednesday.

Graham said judges should not be the ones to decide individual cases of enemy combatants and the courts would uphold the president’s ability to decide.

“If this ever goes to court I guarantee you it will be a slam dunk support of what the administration is doing. I think one of the highlights of President Obama’s first term and the beginning of his second term is the way he’s been able to use drones against terrorists,” Graham said.

Senator Lindsey Graham comes from South Carolina, a supposedly “Bible belt” state as far as I can tell.  However, when South Carolinians were faced with being convicted of their own faith by Ron Paul, he got the following response:

Not exactly the smartest group of people.  After all, if their version of loving your neighbor is drone attacks, then it is no wonder that Senator Lindsey Graham, their senior Senator, is all for indefinite detention and defends international assassinations via drone strikes by the Obama administration, even if that person happens to be the son of terrorist and is no where near his father when he was murdered.

But Lindsey Graham is no idiot.  He knows that the Obama administration has already labeled war veterans, Ron Paul supporters, libertarians in general, and the radical left-wing as being terrorists as well.  Al-Qaeda is merely a boogeyman these days and the real enemies of the State are those who wish to abolish the State.  This is why they are targeted.

It is people like me, a man who considers government to be optional, who are considered to be a terrorist.  I have no ties to any terror network but that doesn’t matter.  I oppose the idea that the Federal government, the State governments, and the Local governments can do whatever they want to me.  How dare I question the our overlords and oppose their agenda of murder and death.

Senator Lindsey Graham is of the same mold as the politicians who applauded as Joseph Stalin murdered and starved millions of people.  He is a sycophant for centralized power and he wants nothing more than to see those who oppose him dead.  So of course he will support the President’s ability to use drone strikes without Congressional approval (which is illegal).  It allows him to justify murdering political opponents later on.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alexandria, VA is Run By the Insane

Looks like the city of Alexandria, VA has finally gone off the deep end and been sucked into the madness:

A 10-year-old Douglas MacArthur Elementary school student was charged with brandishing a weapon after police officers found a toy gun in his backpack Tuesday morning.

Alexandria City Public Schools officials alerted authorities after learning from the parent of another student that the fifth grade child had shown a “weapon” to classmates on the bus ride home Monday afternoon, said district spokeswoman Kelly Alexander. By the time district staff contacted ACPS’ transportation company, all of the children had been dropped off for the day, she said.

Though a surveillance camera filmed the ride, administrators reviewing the tape did not spot a weapon. Attempts to speak with the suspected child’s guardian likewise proved unsuccessful. The contact information they provided to the district was erroneous, Alexander said.

School staff intercepted the child as he arrived Tuesday morning — he did not take the bus, Alexander said — and officers retrieved the toy gun from his bag, according to police officials.

Police department spokesman Jody Donaldson described the replica weapon as a silver handgun with a black handle and orange tip.

“The gun did not actually shoot or propel anything,” Donaldson said.

The minor was taken into police custody on the misdemeanor charge following the incident and suspended from the Janney’s Lane school, officials said. Superintendent Morton Sherman did not rule out a possible expulsion in a statement released after the incident.

“The safety of our students is always our first concern,” he said. “The school division will complete its investigation in cooperation with the police as we consider further disciplinary action, including expulsion. As always, we encourage direct communication from parents, including personal phone calls.”

So a kid brings a dollar-store toy gun to school and gets arrested for it.  He is now facing criminal charges and expulsion.  And nobody in power and who is involved in the incident seems to that they should just let the kid go.

I’ve lived and worked in Alexandria.  The police there are some of the most incompetent law enforcement officers you’ll ever meet.  Their entire job consists of busting people who happened to go down a street during the wrong time of day.  It is no wonder that they rushed to the school in order to capture this kid with a toy gun.

Notice how at no point did the cops say, “well, sorry about this, go ahead and make sure you don’t scare other kids with it again.”  No, that would be the sane thing to do.  These bored cops decided to arrest this kid for brandishing a toy gun.

The superintendent, a tool by the name of Morton Sherman, is clearly insane.  He is actually considering expelling a kid for bringing a fucking toy to school.  Let that madness sick in.

In short, it looks like the entire city of Alexandria is run by insane progressives who punish those who break the rules of their Utopia.  They lack any notion of common sense and should be deposed.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Woman given 30-day sentence for Blasphemy

Well, if the headline had said that, then maybe people would be up in arms about it:

A woman facing a drug possession charge got a harsh lesson in justice after a Miami-Dade judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail for flipping him the bird at a hearing Monday.

Penelope Soto, 18, was arrested for possession of Xanax and was brought before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat Monday, where she was asked about her assets.

Soto, who was sporting orange jail clothes and smiled and stroked her hair through the proceeding, laughed when she was asked how much her jewelry was worth.

"It's not a joke, you know, we're not in a club now," Rodriguez-Chomat told her. "We are not in a club, be serious about it."

"I'm serious about it, you just made me laugh," Soto replied. "You just made me laugh, I apologize. It's worth a lot of money."

"Like what?" the judge asked.

"Like Rick Ross. It's worth money," she said.

The judge, not understanding the odd reference to the South Florida rapper, asked Soto if she's taken any drugs in the past 24 hours.

"Actually, no," she replied.

Rodriguez-Chomat set her bond at $5,000 and said "bye,bye," and Soto laughed and replied "Adios."

Annoyed, Rodriguez-Chomat summoned her back and reset her bond at $10,000, shocking Soto.

"Are you serious," she asked.

"I am serious. Adios," he replied.

Soto started to walk away when she flipped Rodriguez-Chomat her middle finger and blurted "[expletive] you."

She was called back again and Rodriguez-Chomat gave her a 30-day sentence for contempt of court.

I don’t necessarily agree with the woman’s attitude or her behavior, but the Judge was clearly upset that she wasn’t taking him, or his authority, seriously.  She was being charged with possession of Xanax, which as far as I know isn’t even a serious problem on the substance abuse spectrum, so of course she regarded it all as a joke.

For the Statist, the State is to be regarded as a religion and the officials within it as its priest or gods.  The parallels are all there.  If you replace the term “Press Secretary” with “High Priest” for example, you’ll have an idea of how this works.

On a side note, what kind of judge has an hyphenated name?  Seriously, that’s a disqualification in my book for any position of authority because it is quite clear this judge can’t even run his own household, let alone his courtroom.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Quote of the Day

“Sometimes a man doesn’t know what to do about things and sometimes it’s best to lie very still and try not to think at all about anything.” -Charles Bukowski

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Tragic Death of Chris Kyle

While everyone in the United States will be enjoying the bread and circus known as the Super Bowl, I think most people will overlook the sudden and tragic death of Chris Kyle this weekend.  He was apparently murdered by another veteran who “apparently suffered from PTSD.”  I doubt that is the case, as I’m sure there is more to the story than a deranged veteran randomly killing Mr. Kyle.

Why do I post this?  Well, it is no secret that I’ve called Chris Kyle a lying sociopath in the past.  I am not apologizing for it and I still stand by what I wrote.

But I do not applaud the actions of his murderer.  My point of the original post was that human life is sacred and that for Chris Kyle to boast about killing men and women overseas and calling them sub-human was wrong.  He also was prone to telling tall tales, which got him into legal trouble with Jesse Ventura.  Now, I’m not a huge fan of Jesse Ventura (his greatest role was in Predator), but at the same time I am more inclined to believe Mr. Ventura’s side of the story only because Mr. Kyle told it when promoting a book.

But none of that really matters now.  Condolences to Mr. Kyle’s family as the mourn the loss of their patriarch.  He should have lived to 100, surrounded by 16 grandchildren and holding his wife’s hand as he passed away peacefully, not gunned down by a fellow veteran at a gun range.

Can Medical Tourism Save Us From Obamacare?

If the double whammy of Obamacare, which will be fully up and running in 2014, and a rapidly aging population creates pronounced health-care shortages, more and more Americans may soon start looking abroad for fast, affordable, and effective treatments for all sorts of medical problems.-

Can Medical Tourism Save Us From Obamacare?

The globalization of health care means countries are specializing in certain kinds of care. Turkey excels in pediatric cardiology. Singapore is a destination for oncological care. Chinese heart patients needing top-notch angioplasty go to Japan. Israel and Barbados excel in fertility treatment. Costa Rica and Hungary have become dentistry destinations. Thailand excels in a wide range of specialties thanks in part to its renowned Bumrungrad International Hospital, which serves 400,000 foreign patients a year. Port Charlotte, Florida-based orthopedist Sam Hess is part of a group that's working to open a full-service hospital on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Hess says he's grown tired of the legal and bureaucratic headaches of practicing medicine in the U.S. "I still love what I do, but the issues I have to deal with that have nothing to do with patient care take a lot of wind out of my sails," explains Hess. "We have to assign more and more of our staff to address insurance concerns and approvals. We order tests we don't need to cover ourselves legally."

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Fake Recovery is a Sign of Pending Collapse

The rise is the Dow Jones Industrial Average to over 14,000 is a fake recovery.  I say fake because nothing has changed in terms of economic policy from the United States Federal government.  They continue to obstruct production, favor their corporate buddies, and tax the rest of us.  They also continue their stupidly excessive regulations and anti-free market financial policies.  On top of that, they have racked up over 16 trillion in debt.

I know, I’m offering no concrete evidence that the recovery is fake.  I’m no economist nor am I really good at keeping track of these things.  What I do know is that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a calculation based on the top 30 companies.  And here is my theory, for what it’s worth.

All of these 30 companies have gold member status when it comes to financial investments.  In other words, they are given huge loans at much lower interest rates than other companies because they are, after all, in the top 30.  Now, not all of these companies will take out large loans to expand their businesses (I’ve heard Microsoft has no debt).  Even so, the ones that do would benefit from the new, freshly printed money from the Federal Reserve.

Well, not the printed money per se, but digital increases in the bank reserves.  With the Federal Reserve interest rates at near zero, you can bet that the top companies get the prime pick of the loans that are handed out.  And so that money trickles down the hierarchy to us where it becomes devalued and largely worthless in comparison to when it was first issued.

I could be wrong about all this.  I hope I am.  I don’t want our country’s economic prosperity to be fake because all of us have a vested interest in a much more productive and wealthy country.  But the reality this all may just be setting the stage for another large collapse.

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