Friday, February 8, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham is Trying to Kill Me

And he’s probably trying to kill everyone else who doesn’t agree with centralized government power:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) will offer a resolution next week commending President Barack Obama’s use of drones and the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki.

“Every member of Congress needs to get on board,” Graham said. “It’s not fair to the president to let him, leave him out there alone quite frankly. He’s getting hit from libertarians and the left.

“I think the middle of America understands why you would want a drone program to go after a person like Anwar al-Awlaki,” Graham added.

The newest discussions about drones and al-Awlaki comes after the White House sent a memo to members of Congress explaining the reasoning behind their killing of an American citizen who was working for Al Qaeda.

Graham said the resolution will allow for a debate about who the nation is at war with and what proper action during times of war is.

“The process of being targeted I think is legal, quite frankly laborious and should reside in the commander in chief to determine who an enemy combatant is and what kind of force to use,” Graham told reporters on Wednesday.

Graham said judges should not be the ones to decide individual cases of enemy combatants and the courts would uphold the president’s ability to decide.

“If this ever goes to court I guarantee you it will be a slam dunk support of what the administration is doing. I think one of the highlights of President Obama’s first term and the beginning of his second term is the way he’s been able to use drones against terrorists,” Graham said.

Senator Lindsey Graham comes from South Carolina, a supposedly “Bible belt” state as far as I can tell.  However, when South Carolinians were faced with being convicted of their own faith by Ron Paul, he got the following response:

Not exactly the smartest group of people.  After all, if their version of loving your neighbor is drone attacks, then it is no wonder that Senator Lindsey Graham, their senior Senator, is all for indefinite detention and defends international assassinations via drone strikes by the Obama administration, even if that person happens to be the son of terrorist and is no where near his father when he was murdered.

But Lindsey Graham is no idiot.  He knows that the Obama administration has already labeled war veterans, Ron Paul supporters, libertarians in general, and the radical left-wing as being terrorists as well.  Al-Qaeda is merely a boogeyman these days and the real enemies of the State are those who wish to abolish the State.  This is why they are targeted.

It is people like me, a man who considers government to be optional, who are considered to be a terrorist.  I have no ties to any terror network but that doesn’t matter.  I oppose the idea that the Federal government, the State governments, and the Local governments can do whatever they want to me.  How dare I question the our overlords and oppose their agenda of murder and death.

Senator Lindsey Graham is of the same mold as the politicians who applauded as Joseph Stalin murdered and starved millions of people.  He is a sycophant for centralized power and he wants nothing more than to see those who oppose him dead.  So of course he will support the President’s ability to use drone strikes without Congressional approval (which is illegal).  It allows him to justify murdering political opponents later on.

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