Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alexandria, VA is Run By the Insane

Looks like the city of Alexandria, VA has finally gone off the deep end and been sucked into the madness:

A 10-year-old Douglas MacArthur Elementary school student was charged with brandishing a weapon after police officers found a toy gun in his backpack Tuesday morning.

Alexandria City Public Schools officials alerted authorities after learning from the parent of another student that the fifth grade child had shown a “weapon” to classmates on the bus ride home Monday afternoon, said district spokeswoman Kelly Alexander. By the time district staff contacted ACPS’ transportation company, all of the children had been dropped off for the day, she said.

Though a surveillance camera filmed the ride, administrators reviewing the tape did not spot a weapon. Attempts to speak with the suspected child’s guardian likewise proved unsuccessful. The contact information they provided to the district was erroneous, Alexander said.

School staff intercepted the child as he arrived Tuesday morning — he did not take the bus, Alexander said — and officers retrieved the toy gun from his bag, according to police officials.

Police department spokesman Jody Donaldson described the replica weapon as a silver handgun with a black handle and orange tip.

“The gun did not actually shoot or propel anything,” Donaldson said.

The minor was taken into police custody on the misdemeanor charge following the incident and suspended from the Janney’s Lane school, officials said. Superintendent Morton Sherman did not rule out a possible expulsion in a statement released after the incident.

“The safety of our students is always our first concern,” he said. “The school division will complete its investigation in cooperation with the police as we consider further disciplinary action, including expulsion. As always, we encourage direct communication from parents, including personal phone calls.”

So a kid brings a dollar-store toy gun to school and gets arrested for it.  He is now facing criminal charges and expulsion.  And nobody in power and who is involved in the incident seems to that they should just let the kid go.

I’ve lived and worked in Alexandria.  The police there are some of the most incompetent law enforcement officers you’ll ever meet.  Their entire job consists of busting people who happened to go down a street during the wrong time of day.  It is no wonder that they rushed to the school in order to capture this kid with a toy gun.

Notice how at no point did the cops say, “well, sorry about this, go ahead and make sure you don’t scare other kids with it again.”  No, that would be the sane thing to do.  These bored cops decided to arrest this kid for brandishing a toy gun.

The superintendent, a tool by the name of Morton Sherman, is clearly insane.  He is actually considering expelling a kid for bringing a fucking toy to school.  Let that madness sick in.

In short, it looks like the entire city of Alexandria is run by insane progressives who punish those who break the rules of their Utopia.  They lack any notion of common sense and should be deposed.

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