Friday, July 3, 2015

"Liberal" or Libertarian?

Is America becoming more "liberal" or more libertarian? I don't think "progressives" should assume it's the former just because support ballooned for gay marriage. Might it just indicate a more general move in support for liberty across the board? Hard to say. The sheeple are inconsistent when polled on specific issues.

A note on liberalism:

Modern libertarianism IS liberalism, though to distinguish it from what Anglo-American liberalism transformed into (a social liberalism that came to advocate more and more state intervention in the economy and society) the term used to distinguish it from welfare/nanny state liberalism is "classical liberalism". Libertarianism (classical liberalism) historically departed radically from traditional conservatism.

Richard Dawkins' Best Argument Against God Fails

Bubble Wrap Crisis, Are the Fears Unfounded?

Sealed Air, a North Carolina company that has sold Bubble Wrap since 1960, recently developed a new type of its protective wrap called iBubble Wrap that is flat and airless, according to the Wall Street Journal. Therefore, the bubbles won't pop when squished.-North Carolina company rolls out new type of Bubble Wrap that won't pop

But the old style bubble warp is here to stay! The World Isn’t Ending, Bubble Wrap Is Here To Stay

The company will continue to sell both varieties. Keep popping your life away!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Karl Marx - Idol of the Idle

Fakin' Hate

KKK signs and one saying "Black men beware, you are the target." Posted at a black church by...a white racist? No, a black man!

A Colorado Springs man was arrested after police believe he left racist messages outside a church.-Black Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church

And there's this: FAKE HATE: Black Activist Admits Hanging Confederate Flag From Black Soldier Memorial

Pig Daddy

“People think I’m crazy and need mental help because of my story,” Houston said. “They ask how’d the pig get my panties off to mount me? I wasn’t wearing any panties is how! This pig been hot for me for years. Constantly sniffing at my genitals. He’s tried to rape me a hundred times. This is just the first time he successfully got inside me.”-Pregnant Texas Woman Claims She Was Raped by a Pig

Claims she will give birth to a little piggy...but will it go to market?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gay Marriage? A Debate (Anscombe Society, Princeton University)

All Segways Lead There Too

Just Roman around...

Puzzling Quake

While industrial activities can't be ruled out as a cause of Michigan's recent earthquakes, Benz said, "these quakes look tectonic," or related to the natural processes of the Earth's crust.

The culprit could even be glacial rebound — land masses pressed down by millions of tons of ice during Michigan's last glacial period about 12,000 years ago beginning to rise, Benz said.

In Southern California, where earthquakes are frequent, fault lines are well-known, and a tremendous amount of study and technology is deployed. But much less of a look has been taken at relatively earthquake-free places, like Michigan...-Latest Michigan quake has scientists puzzled

A Little Night Diversion

You may get this quickly, or you may not. Not that hard, just a little puzzle.

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