Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Evolution of Sheeple?

Suppose that tribal groupings were the most advantageous to human survival... that over time, nature 'selected' loners to die, groups to live.

Suppose that for groups to remain intact... they needed a ruler. For that ruler to remain in power... he would need to have the ability to take what people want... like their freedom.

For the group to remain intact... and the people to survive... they must want freedom... and be unwilling to take it.-
Ben Doolin

Monday, April 14, 2014

"It Can't Happen Here!"

This video is for all those who imagine that there is some sort of magic that renders the United States immune to the tyranny that has plagued every other major empire in history.-


"Since I believe all governments are inherently criminal (or, more precisely, tortious — since I advocate the abolition of criminal law and a free market for arbitration of disputes), I often get told to leave America. That’s rather silly, though. I certainly have no obligation to leave my home — any more than someone who objects to being mugged has an obligation to turn their wallet over to the mugger."

~Brad Spangler

You’re free to leave America. Well… As long as you’re willing to do exactly what they want you to do. Every border in the United States of America is guarded. If you’re within 100 miles of any border, the government can do virtually whatever it wants to you. Of course, the fact that you happen to walk into that zone consents to your participation.

If, you have the bold idea of using a plane to get out of the country. You’re required to go through poking and prodding of every inch of your body. No, your constitutional rights don’t apply there either. You have to be careful not to carry too much cash with you. And… God forbid… Don’t carry a full size tube of toothpaste!

Free to leave seems to have a very odd definition to some people.

Oh… And let’s not forget the fact that I need to get a passport. That passport costs a little over $100 (Yep… That’s free.) That passport is not even a guarantee of government. They can refuse to give me a passport for absolutely any reason they choose. If I don’t have this permission slip. They won’t let me out anyway. They can even take this passport for whatever reason they choose.

Freedom. As long as they permit it!-From 7 Reasons You’re Not Free To Leave

Monday, April 7, 2014

Actor Mickey Rooney Dead at 93

His Hollywood career spanned 80 plus years.

Julian Assange: "The Real Battle Is To Make Sure It Is Hard To Intercept Everyone At Once"

Be Like This...

...when the state tries to mess with you.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Quote of the Early Morning

For a hundred years or more the world, our world, has been dying. And not one man, in these last hundred years or so, has been crazy enough to put a bomb up the asshole of creation and set it off. The world is rotting away, dying piecemeal. But it needs the coup de grace, it needs to be blown to smithereens.-Henry Miller

The History of the Movie Trailer

Some people consider them the best part of the movie going experience - the Movie Trailer. Take a look at the evolution of the "coming attractions" from simple silent film splices, through the template style of the Golden Age of Hollywood, through Auteurs and finally into the Blockbuster era.-

The History of the Movie Trailer from on Vimeo.

Strangely, or not so strangely, I enjoy trailers at the movie theater, but not when I'm forced to watch them on a rental DVD.
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