Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WTF? Oh dear God, Go to Hell, Ben Carson!..

“Janet Yellen is a wonderful person, I’ve known her for many years,"- Ben Carson

Carson: I'd consider keeping Yellen at the Fed

Once there was a "liberal"...

Once there was a liberal who had to watch over his sheep. Well not his, it could be her, I don't want to sound sexist... and one day the liberal was bored, so he/she shouted, "Bigot!" The town came running and asked where the bigot was, and the liberal just laughed and laughed...

So the next day, he/she bored again, and they yelled, "Bigot!" Now, I don't mean to offend intersexual people and imply everyone is a he or she... anyway, again the town came running, and the liberal of indeterminate gender laughed and laughed and laughed...

Finally, on the third day, the liberal saw a white man just walking around, minding his own business, and the liberal yelled, "Bigot!"

And the town disemboweled the white guy and sent parts of him to every corner of the city, as a lesson to all: don't be a white guy near a liberal.

The End- Bret Alan

Hillary Clinton: A Lying Compilation

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wind and Solar Energy the Answer?

While Germany, leader in wind and solar energy has spent billions of dollars subsidizing solar panels, their coal use has not decreased, in fact it has increased. In the meantime Solar and Wind only generate 10% of their total energy. Switching between solar, wind, and coal to maintain a steady flow of energy is also costly. Average german electricity bills are 3 times higher than in the US.

Is "green" energy, particularly wind and solar energy, the solution to our climate and energy problems? Or should we be relying on things like natural gas, nuclear energy, and even coal for our energy needs and environmental obligations? Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress explains.

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