Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Family Holiday Season Debates

Wendy McElroy on Bitcoin

The blockchain is an immutable, transparent ledger of every transaction that has occurred since the Genesis block. The distributed ledger is not only open to those who transact but also to anyone who takes the time to search it. No withholding can harm the user because nothing can be withheld. Bitcoin provides the same service as a competent and honest third party, as well as offering other advantages. It allows greater anonymity, with the individual user remaining in control; it enables micropayments and speedier transactions. Increasingly, however, users are joining exchanges that resemble traditional banks, including sharing customers’ personal data with the government. It is ironic. Bitcoin’s success as a substitute for trusted third parties seems to be leading it back into the embrace of the problem it was created to solve. - The Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 2: Satoshi’s White Paper Breaks Your Economic Chains (Part 5)

Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.: The Failure of Organized Religion with Philosopher Paul Weiss

As a philosopher, Weiss is mainly known for his metaphysical writings such as Being and Other Realities. His other philosophical works include books and articles on epistemology and cosmology. He even published eleven volumes under the title Philosophy in Process, detailing his continuing and sometimes daily reflections over the years 1955–1987. A seminal point of Weiss's philosophy is that Being consists of a plurality of individuals that are unified by universality, which gives a structure to all there is, but that is also irreducible in four distinct ways.[4] During his prime, Weiss maintained a style of philosophy that was considered by many to be out-of-date. In fact, Weiss opposed the philosophies of the analytics, the logical positivists and the Marxists. His was a philosophy on the grand scale-philosophical system-building in the style of Kant, Hegel, or Peirce.- Paul Weiss (philosopher)

Recorded on November 14, 1966

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sam Harris and Lawrence Krauss talk Science and Quantum Mechanics

Offering nihilism packaged as "hope" doesn't sell too well to the masses

"It's a great shame there's a lack of interest," said Jensen. "I say that as someone who believes in God and thinks that it is the most reasonable thing to believe. ... But I also think that the full and frank discussion of fundamental ideas is part of what a healthy culture promotes and enjoys. A Global Atheist Convention is to be welcomed, because every time people think about God and about the meaning of life is a time we more deeply consider the value and purpose of human life. It makes us better citizens."-Global Atheist Convention Called 'Reason To Hope' Cancelled Because No One Wants To Go

The Pseudo-Science of Atheists

Atheist Ronald De Sousa makes the outrageous claim that virtual particles that come from the quantum vacuum is an example of something coming into existence out of nothing. When a student corrected him about the quantum vacuum (that it' actually energy and NOT nothing), De Sousa completely dodged the correction and attacked religion instead! However, William Lane Craig explains that atheists (like De Sousa) resort to pseudo-science when the scientific evidence supports theism and not atheism. Contrary to the belief that science supports naturaism and atheism, that's been found to be incorrect.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

24 Hour French MRE Menu 9 Beans w/ Sausage & Duck (Complete MRE Review of all 3 Meals)

3 in 1 Thanksgiving Pie

With rows of caramel apple, maple walnut and chocolate crumb on a brown sugar base.

Triple Topping Slab Pie Recipe

Are Chinese Watches Better Than Swiss Watches?

Better Burgers for Britian!

The rise of the burger from a scapegoat for the obesity crisis to the symbol of a dining revolution was fuelled by a combination of social media and recession-era economics, and it established a whole new class of restaurant: inspired by simple street food, led by untrained chefs and advertised via Twitter. The gourmet burger has certainly dented the dominance of the old fast-food giants. But it has also disrupted the entire restaurant food chain.- Ten years of posh burgers – how they changed Britain's dining habits
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