Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chris Dorner is the State’s Worst Fear

As I am writing this, Chris Dorner has been apparently cornered.  In case you missed it, Mr. Dorner has waged a one man, American-style war on the Los Angeles Police Department, largely because he blames them for his own failures in life.  I’ll grant that he was unjustly kicked of the police force for reporting police brutality and corruption of “fellow” officers, but he apparently lost his family and life after this, none of which can be attributed to the LAPD.

In any case Mr. Dorner has acted wrongly.  I know that I am a large critic of the police and the military and so it may come as a surprise to some of you but I don’t condone Mr. Dorner’s murders (if he did indeed commit them).  I think he deserves to account for the lives he has taken.

However, I doubt Mr. Dorner will come out of this alive.  Even if he tries to surrender, I have a suspicion that he will still be taken out by the police, largely because they are very eager to exact revenge on him for breaking the golden rule of the State: the law enforcement officer is sacred and righteous.

At no point has the mainstream media been critical of the tactics used by certain LAPD officers in pursuit of Mr. Dorner.  Firing upon vehicles that don’t even remotely resemble the perpetrator’s vehicle is an act of attempted murder.  And yet no one is calling for the officers involved in such shootings to be indicted for attempted murder.  In colonial times, such men would be in prison awaiting trial right now, police officer or not.

Meanwhile, the men who were the primary targets of Mr. Dorner’s War are pissing themselves, followed by hiding in a corner, and praying to their impotent gods (the State).  They have police protection round the clock.  And they dare to call Mr. Dorner a coward.  He is a murderer and a madman, but he is no coward.  Talk about projection.

This whole incident, though, highlights the worst fears of the State (the collection of selfish individuals who plan and/or implement the policies and procedures of government): they fear the civilians who rise up against them more than anything else.  This is why they implement policies of population control, where groups like Planned Parenthood are given tax dollars to wipe out black babies.  This is why they are hell bent on banning gun ownership among the non-governmental parasites as regular people with guns are probably better shots than their own enforcers.  And this is why they are trying to take over health care as they can then control when we live and when we die.

Mr. Dorner is a madman.  But he has demonstrated the pure cowardice, ineptness, and downright blood thirst of the police when they are faced with a real threat.

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  1. The cops showed their true colors on this one - yellow.
    How are they going to (if worse comes to worse) take on millions of gun owners, when one guy has them pissing them selves?


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