Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Still Christmas!

I just realized I can still do Christmas posts today! Today is the official "observed" Christmas Day. I thought it was all over yesterday, when I still had unposted epics like my new Christmas stories, Christmas on Monkey Island and A Christmas Barrel (which reminds of the old game Barrel of Monkeys:

Barrel of Monkeys is a toy game first created by Lakeside Toys in 1965. Today it is produced by the Milton Bradley Company. Milton Bradley's editions consist of a toy barrel in either blue, yellow, red, or green. The barrel contains 12 monkeys, their color usually corresponding to the barrel's color. The instructions on the bottom of the barrel state "Dump monkeys onto table. Pick up one monkey by an arm. Hook other arm through a second monkey's arm. Continue making a chain. Your turn is over when a monkey is dropped." In addition to these basic instructions, the barrel also contains instructions for playing alone or with two or more players.

Knock-offs come in additional colors under the name "Monkeys in Barrel".

I'm interested in checking out the "Monkeys in Barrel" version, as I think it might be a nice change of pace to play the game with Asian monkeys.

So, expect some more Christmas posts today, and feel free to stop by and wish Skeptical Eye a Merry official Christmas!

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