Sunday, December 25, 2011

Let's Destroy Marxism

Are you tired of PowerNoggins who offer "analysis" of various domestic or global events, but use the "analysis" to brag on their warehouse of trivial facts that don't relate in any meaningful way to the events being "analyzed"?

When someone writes about current events but uses pretentious, never-heard-in-conversation words it's safe to assume the writer isn't trying to help you understand the events being "analyzed," but instead is trying to impress you with his/her vocabulary. Sadly, in many corners of American society, this gambit works a treat. People will assume a writer or speaker is "intelligent" and "educated" if she uses words that must be looked up in a dictionary.

Communication isn't about impressing the audience with words that must be researched. If you send your audience to the dictionary, you're not communicating.

A good communicator knows how to talk simply about complex things.

A good analyst knows how to break down complex things, to make them understandable in simple words.

However, among PowerNoggins, talking simply is considered "redneck" or "reactionary" or the like. PowerNoggins have their little secret handshakes with words like "reactionary" and often you'll find, if you dig around, that the secret handshakes originate in Marxist dogma.

There aren't many systems of belief that are more closed and self-impressed than Marxism. The writings of Glossy Karl are some of the best examples in modern publication of PowerNoggin thinking and expression. They are so dense, so over-complex, so absurdly loaded with insider jargon that they function as a Secret Password for entry into the PowerNoggin Clubhouse.

Whenever you find a writer or "analyst" using Marxist jargon or code-phrases that originate in Marxist jargon, you know you are in the company of someone who seeks to exclude others, rather than include them, in the communication.

-constructive destruction: For Christmas, let's destroy Marxism.

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