Sunday, December 25, 2011

National Anthem Of The Confederate States Of America

At this Christmastime, let us thank the real military heroes, not those who go to war for the US world empire and kill innocents, invading and occupying countries that have done us no harm, but rather those true heroes of the War for Southern Independence, who stood up for the principles of the original Constitution and fought for freedom from Federal tyrants!

A couple of the YouTube comments:

I'm a yankee (always have been) but I sympathize with the South. The Civil War was unconstitutional. The South paid a hell of a price for wanting their freedom.


My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Thomas Michael Blackwell was a Confederate Officer during the Civil War. He lost his son on Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg. He was a Southern Patriot and a Jew.

The Confederacy was the last stand for liberty. May that spirit of the old South rise once again and this time free us all from the dictatorship in Washington, D.C.

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