Monday, December 26, 2011

Ron Paul's bizarre mistake

The old story on Ron Paul's newsletters has surfaced again, with Ron Paul claiming he knew nothing about them and never read them.

While I doubt Ron Paul is a racist, and I understand that the story is old, and I get that all of the other candidates are far more evil, it still baffles my mind that Ron Paul would make such a bizarre and easily avoidable mistake.

Let's not pretend that these newsletters were merely "politically incorrect." They were, in fact, horrifically racist and incendiary. The comments on apartheid in South Africa especially made my stomach churn, as did the KKK-esque warnings of a "coming race war."

Ron Paul is probably telling the truth that he didn't write them, but surely he knew something about them. They were (most likely) written by his paleo buddies, and it's laughably unlikely that Paul doesn't know which of them were involved.

It's also ridiculously unlikely that Paul knew nothing about their content. While Paul may not be a racist, my honest opinion is that he didn't mind letting his paleo friends pander to them. This vile shit was going out under HIS NAME. Written in the first person. Sometimes with his SIGNATURE after it. I don't know about you, but anyone who published such filth under my name would get their lights knocked out--especially if I was in politics, for Chrissakes. It clearly didn't bother Paul much..which is simply amazing.

Call me part of the Smearbund, I find that incredibly bizarre. Why wasn't Paul bothered by the whole ordeal? Did he seriously think it wouldn't come back to bite him on the ass, if nothing else?

Strange, man.


  1. Why would you doubt Ron Paul is a racist? Because he hides it well these days?

    I'm sick and tired of people like Ron Paul bitching about how we need more personal responsibility, but as soon as he makes a glaring error... it isn't his fault and he shouldn't be blamed. You know, it's only his newsletter... he can't be bothered to control every little thing...

    Let's suppose he didn't write any of the atrocious things in those newsletters (though I don't believe that for a second). I'm supposed to think he's a good guy and electable when he employs people to represent him that think that way? Great, so Ron Paul MIGHT not be a racist, but his cabinet and advisers are? Well, that is a load off my mind...

    Fuck Ron Paul and fuck the little fan boys who have such a crush on him.

  2. My response to Bret can be found here.


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