Saturday, December 31, 2011


Here are some of my predictions for 2012. Keep in mind I'm not a psychic (though I do blog like one) but also keep in mind I've got a mind, and boy, do I use it when I'm predictin'.

*Catty and Two Duds will become major comic strip sensations.

*Two Dudes will finally jump the shark and swiftly fall from comic strip fans must read lists.

*Bret Alan will continue to say "Fuck Ron Paul" right up until the Republican convention in August.

*William Lane Craig will travel back in time in the greatest invention ever, a time machine, visit the tomb of Jesus, discover it's not empty, and proclaim that the "witness of the Holy Spirit" still trumps the evidence of his own eyes.

*Barack Obama will go crazy, turning from a peace loving "bring the troops home" man of love and compassion into a warmongering, mass murdering maniac who sends drones to kill women and children.

*Gerald Celente will predict that everything's coming up roses.

*Nikk will keep posting mostly videos and yet still insist he's a real blogger.

*T.C. will continue to live in the frozen wasteland to the North of the Greatest Country on God's Green Earth.

*T.C. will once again decline an invitation to blog at SE.

*A new anarchist sensation will join the SE gang, wowing everyone with his/her brilliance and converting Bret Alan to the truth (no wait, nothing will ever change Bret).

*The world will end on December 21st, relieving me of the burden of Christmas shopping.


  1. I predict fans and contributors of SE will blame Ron Paul's loss on everything and everyone, except Ron Paul.


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