Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wonderful Christmastime

Paul McCartney's 1979 promo video for "Wonderful Christmastime".


  1. Someone is in a Beatles state of mind.

    As music fans, we have to admit that just like there are certain known natural laws, and even economic realities, The Beatles are something unique.

    Absent from their catalog is anger or aggressiveness. Which I think contributes to their musical aura as time moves on. There's an inherent sense of inner beauty, wisdom and peace. As we grow older, The Beatles grow musically more important - like Mozart or any great classical composer.

    Visually as well, I can't think of any band with such a wealth and depth of images that can be packed into a video.

    I'm still waiting on The Beatles: The movie.

  2. Perceptive comment, as usual, T.C. As for my being in a "Beatles state of mind", I always am.


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