Thursday, December 22, 2011

Question of the Day: Do Libertarians Hate Superheroes?

T.C. asks, I only attempt to answer:

Superman and his fascist "patriotism" and support of the cops and the "law", no! Batman and his suspicions about the established order and his operation on the edge of (if not outside) the law, maybe (some interpretations of Batman are more objectionable than others).

I'll have more on this later, and the strange case of Frank Miller. I recently finished a book (Kevin Anderson's Enemies & Allies) about Superman and Batman set in the 1950s during the cold war. Batman was definitely more "libertarian" in that one than goody two-shoes (related to "Super Cheap"? -see link) Superman.

It may be news to...the majority of readers that Superman, the highly coveted American film hero, is an expression and a creation of fascist minds rooted in a political culture that epitomizes power and the use of force.

This is so, as Superman alters the nature of reality and creates a reality of his own, which defies human understanding and logic. He also violates every rule of physics and all scientific principles known to humanity. The notion of Superman is based on the idea of a battle between "good vs. evil," from an exclusively American perspective, where the battle always demonstrates an external threat to American society and its people.-America Uses Superman to Promote its Fascist Agenda

This is so, as Superman alters the nature of reality and creates a reality of his own, which defies human understanding and logic.

That sounds more like the Christian God to me, but what do I know.

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  1. As a libertarian anarchist and a general Nietzschean I have a major problem with the politics of comic books, which stems from the politics of their creators. I won't use the worn-out and meaningless 'fascist' to describe it, but it is left-wing, technophobic and statist.

    Corporations are the 'bad guys', governments fund the superheroes, and a Space God for some stupid-ass reason feels bound by the 'laws' created by a gang of thugs calling themselves 'congress'.

    Anyone who tries to improve themselves with technology is almost inevitably an evil psychopath, yet some dumbass who stumbles into his powers and bumbles around misusing them to protect the status quo of a bunch of tools who hate him is a 'hero'.

    A real libertarian superhero would start with the big problems - like the income tax and the welfare/warfare state - before giving a look at two-bit bank robbers. And an honest-to-god divine being, like Superman, would either abandon Earth to its own stupidities or crush every government on the planet and usher in a technological utopia.

    Artists suck. They're the stupidest people on the planet.


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