Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Commentator on Ron Paul

I think it's great how Ron Paul is pushing the GOP. He looks poised to challenge if not win Iowa.

All I can say is, go Ron Paul!

Look, the arguments used against Paul is premised on the fact people don't understand libertarian principles. It's not that hard to grasp.

Sure, there are some "spooky" things he advocates; like legalizing marijuana and reducing the government by 80% (which I believe most givernment departments shouldn't have been in operation in the first place), and basically eliminating the concept of Manifest Destiny.


He's exactly what this country needs. A kick in the ass. -Ron Paul Good For America's Soul

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T.C. I keep linking to you, but you still seem stuck in obscurity. I'm trying, really I am, but please, do your part, too!


  1. Libertarian principles.

    Adhered to by the rich or ignorant, who believe vehemently "I've got mine and you can starve or bleed to death for all I care."

    And other than cutting all government safety net programs as well as the paid-in-by-all-participants-except-children Social Security and Medicare . . .

    Yay! You go Ron Paul!

  2. Yes, anonymouse (you're definitely not an anonyman) Ron Paul is EVIL! He wants people to starve and bleed to death, unlike those good "liberals" who voted for the wars of aggression that have killed hundreds of thousands of innocents and caused untold amounts of bloodshed, wars that Ron Paul wants to end.

    Paul is EVIL, because he wants to end the Federal Reserve, that bailouts the banksters and steals everyday from the mouths of working people and the poor through inflation. He is EVIL for believing that people have a right to keep the money they earn. He is EVIL for opposing Obama's war on civil liberties (latest example, the NDAA).

    Yes, Ron Paul WANTS to see people starve to death! Of course he does.

    But I bet bankster puppet and bloody warmonger Obama is still your hero, ain't he, little mouse? I'll also bet you don't get as riled up about ANYTHING Obama and the lying pond scum Democrats have done and are doing to destroy freedom and civil liberties in America.

    Now go back to your baby bottle and leave the discussion to those who aren't insane, irrational haters of truth, justice and liberty.


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