Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Outlet for Angry Leftists?

Poll ratings show approval levels for the major political perps, meaning the President, Congress, each of the two major parties, at levels so low as to be tantamount to loathing. But while the Tea Party has become a force to be reckoned with by tapping into this wellspring of discontent, those on the left who are unhappy with the lump of coal the Administration and the Democratic party has put in their stocking have no outlet.

Why is There No Political Outlet for Anger on the Left These Days?


  1. Really? Are there no more banks? No more corporations?

    Oh thats right, the government controls those entities.

    Why not the left try the old standby,,,the sidewalk.

  2. How many leftists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    None: we'd all rather sit in the dark and cry about it.

  3. [@ Christopher: I never ceased to be amazed at the utter ignorance of reality among conservatives...

    You should wake up and realize that corporations and banks get money from the government not because the government wants to control or own them, but because those private interests own and control the government...

    That said, how did you time warp back and post your comment before mine, which was the first comment on the thread when I left it? Is it because you literally are living in the past?]

  4. There is nothing "wrong" with the left, I find them more likely to "think" about an issue. Unlike neocon hijacked "conservatives" who have problems thinking, the liberal will "chew" on a subject for a while over some approved cup of free-trade coffee. It is that the filters used to process the information are all emotional... is it politically correct, will this cause my leftist friends to call me a fascist?, if I make the real connections will the reality of the situation make me uncomfortable due to my extensive training and absorption of brainwashing?

    Anything that causes cognitive dissonance will be rejected not due to a rational, factual thought process but because of an emotional reaction built on propaganda absorption.

    I don't understan how they can make the connections about religion (particularly christianity as that is lilly white and evil) but cannot make the same connections and use the same rational, factual evidence review about the "approved oligarchy positions", the resemblance to religion and it's instant reactions is uncanny.

  5. I think you're over-thinking it, Radio Bloger.

    There was growing criticism among conservatives even under Bush. Why? Because Bush was a not only an undeniable failure as a president, he was an undeniable failure as a Republican. It's not surprising to me in the least that a disembodied, right-wing conservative movement has risen up now, galvanized by a Democrat be elected to office.

    For example, no one under 30 calls themselves a Republican. They are a Libertarian, or an Independent, or one of many other right-wing labels. Some are even anarchists, though most anarchists I have known are predominantly left leaning (the ones who are fans of Green Day *chuckle*).

    If Obama keeps on his current course, it might become embarrassing for anyone my age to consider themselves a Democrat. I know I've distanced myself from that pack of pussies before I was even old enough to vote (*shock* can you imagine me not being inspired by Bill Clinton?! what went wrong!?).

    Having someone like Sarah Palin elected would certainly cause leftists to simultaneously lose respect for Democrats and focus on affirming themselves in a new way. But I would bet my left nut Palin wouldn't even win the Republican nomination, and I predict Obama will beat out Romney by about the same margin he beat McCain. If Romney wins, I doubt you'll see so much as a whimper from Democrats (the guy gave Massachusetts decent healthcare... maybe he's the Mormon Democrats have been waiting for).


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