Monday, September 27, 2010

The Machete of Liberty

I just linked to Roderick Long's blog at another post (which soon had a predictable anti-libertarian Ginx comment attached) but found an interesting take there on Robert Rodriguez's Machete. Long sees "interesting libertarian aspects" in the film, including being in favor of open borders and the right to bear arms, as well as resistance to government.

Here's the post: Alongside Machete


  1. Anarchists attaching themselves to an ethnic exploitation film with an extreme racist base to the story is a bit disingenuous. Of corse the argument to start with is stupid as the base for the racism in the film is also based on twisted propaganda and not facts.

  2. No, it's propaganda, and the constant battering with racism gets old.

    I'm all for open borders, fair access to work, and equal justice under the prevailing laws... I don't think I have to just accept crap propaganda, it is more of the manipulators using emotion and not reason to control the masses - F that - it is what the religious do emotion over logic is our downfall.

  3. Are you one of those people who walked out of 300 because it was historically inaccurate and racist against Persions? Oh right, you aren't Persian, so you probably loved it.

    What SPF do you use?

  4. "What SPF do you use?"

    Nice try at "Fallacy of Origin" as if my ethnic or religious background had any impact on the facts I presented. As if the actual details of the argument can be overlooked, since correctness can be decided without any need to listen or think, because of my particular origin. Again I have to point out that the most racist people I meet are typically politically correct elitist progressive/liberals from the Atlantic coast, they try and hide it but it always comes out.

    I happen to like Persians, Indians, and Arabs, my customers in some areas of the US are predominately of the three ethnic groups. I have most problems with irrational fundamentalists and irrational elitist yuppies.

    300 had great special effects but I was not turned on by the homoerotic undertones, Persians are not stupid and ugly and historically accurate always makes for a better movie, too bad Mel Gibson cannot pull his head out of his ass historically speaking because his production values are top notch, but without a good base it is just a movie or cheap propaganda (or both).


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