Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun In Chains?

I was getting all ready to write a long diatribe in response to another one of those anti-porn feminists who claims that all porn is rape. You know, the people who refer to those of us who disagree as male-identified, “fun feminists.” This “feminist” was particularly irritating me. It’s bad enough when we women judge each other, but this feminist was a man. And I really don’t appreciate some man labeling women as victims or oppressors because we don’t excoriate anyone who participates in porn.

But then I decided that, if I’m going to dive into the porn fray, I need to get a little more basic first. I need a good definition of pornography.


If a whole bunch of people think it’s yucky, then it’s obscene and nobody should be able to do it or watch anyone else do it. And if society thinks it’s yucky, but the person watching it can’t help but get turned on anyways, well then it is triply as bad and they should probably be put on a sex offender list somewhere.
-What is Pornography?

Is porn an Illuminati conspiracy? This video's description says: "The work of the Pink Cross Foundation helping Porn Actresses to leave the industry and helping those addicted to be free.

Why you may ask?

1) Porn is a form of slavery
2) It is promoted by the Illuminati to dumb us down and break up the family
unit (One of Adam W's directives)"

Regardless, this song just goes on way too long...........


  1. Most feminists I know watch porn... they see it more as victimizing the men. I wonder if they realize the female actresses make several times more than male porn stars (with the exception of gay porn stars). It's basically the only industry where women make more than men, and the whole industry is largely targetted at pocketing money from men.

    Of course, if Wal-Mart ran things, we wouldn't have porn... [end obligatory anti-corporate comment]

  2. Ginx, your comment reminds me of the Trey Parker movie Orgazmo. My favorite scene is near the end when the Morman woman is arguing with the male porn actors about who is victimized the most by porn movies. The male porn actor's argument went something like "Men are the ones who want the product so bad! We're the victims!" The way it was done was hilarious.

  3. Hence, it victimizes... people. *banana in hand*

  4. It's interesting, though, to watch Oprah interview pornsters like Jenna Jameson. Listening to them speak you'd think they're in a legitimate business. It's surreal for Oprah to be part of the mainstreaming of porn.

    I once read somewhere some porno actress (hm. That doesn't sound right), Bobby Starr I think it was, emphatically defend her craft (she is one of the more, shall we say, racey performers. The type that makes you say, "how can they let themselves be treated that way!), by saying she didn't feel she was being mistreated since she freely makes her own choice.

    Do we take her at face value? If you're libertarian, do you care? After all, she doesn't affect you personally. However, surely, porn (and its mainstreaming) has an effect on girls in society at large, no?


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