Friday, September 17, 2010

BP's Bullshit Parade

Just as everyone is settling in for some nice, civil campaign coverage, our minds have probably all wandered away from the worst oil spill in US history. Fishermen are still out of work, oil is being found on the sea floor, and of course, BP is playing games when it comes to paying for the cleanup.

Hey, at least BP has started a multi-million dollar campaign to convince you they’re doing their best, so clearly they’re doing something... almost.

What shocks me is that in this election environment… there is no talk of the environment. People seem to have it in their heads that there is some sort of choice between keeping our planet livable and creating jobs, and we do need jobs.

Let’s get one thing straight: environmentalism creates jobs. Non-environmentalism doesn’t create anything but messes that no one cleans up. BP isn’t hiring a substantial number of people to help clean up the spill, but they would have had more people hired had there been safety inspectors and environmental consultants on staff before the spill, and maybe it could have been prevented.

I bet the people who died on the platform wish those people had been hired, as do the people who lost their jobs because of the spill.

Environmentalism is economic growth with the side effect being cleaner conditions. It boggles my mind how it got connected with dirty hippies, but you must be stoned if you think our habitat is something to be poisoned.

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