Monday, September 27, 2010

A Detailed Plan For Ending Corruption

Step 1: Ban corporate donations and cap private donations.
Step 2: Enjoy democracy.


  1. Bribery is always an option. And don't think that corporate heads will want to bribe politicians, as politicians will use their power to extort money from corporations. Not saying the opposite doesn't happen, just that no one considers the alternative.

    Plus, democracy sucks. Do you seriously want every bigoted, homophobic, heterophobic, pro-life, pro-choice, gun-touting, flower-pushing, pro-feminist, pro-slavery, retard out there voting to take your money for their cause?

    I would prefer that people not be so 'concerned' about my life and worry about their own insignificant life. Instead we are beset by all these groups and organizations that seek to use force against us by voting to have the government goons used against the rest of us. Screw them. If I had my way, those kind of people would all be sent to an island and each given a weapon and enough food for a day. I'd then leave a small boat on the island with lots of cameras (for entertainment and for funding the project) and give them a month or so. Afterwards, I'd nuke the island.

    Do you want me 'enjoying' democracy? Especially since I'm one those crazy Christians who reads the Bible every day.

  2. ... you think the problem is that politicians have too much control over corporations?

    I guess I'm the only person here who thinks everyone's voice does matter, even if I disagree with them.

    I will keep my government goons, and laugh hysterically when the gun hoarders freak out and get shot up by police. God, nothing gets me harder than seeing a right winger bleeding to death with his gun in his hand. I cum when they pry it from cold dead hands.

    Anarchists are adorable, all 12 of them. I guess democracy does work, because we don't listen to you assclowns.

  3. You Left-Wing Statists are so easy to predict. When you run out of rational arguments, you resort to irrational ones, like accusing your opponent of being something he or she isn't.

    This is why I generally let you have the last comment because I usually find no point in arguing with stupidity. It's like sawing off your big toe in order to take the SAT. Sooner or later you realize that it's pointless to go through all that pain for the sake of a stupid test.

  4. If I lived in the horrible state you live where you have to cut off your big toe to take the SAT, maybe I would have turned out to be an anti-intellectual retard, too. Lemme guess, Alabama?


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