Friday, September 17, 2010

The Penalty for Disobeying the State is Death

In the USA, the penalty for an unpaid parking ticket is death. A pro-State troll says "That's silly." Consider what happens if you don't pay a parking ticket.

Suppose you ignore the parking ticket. The judge will make a default judgement against you, and order the police to steal your car. Alternatively, suppose you go to court, contest the ticket, lose, and refuse to pay the fine.

You refuse to pay the parking ticket, and the State thugs have a judgement against you. The State police have a piece of paper that says they may steal your car. The police see you driving, order you to stop, and attempt to steal you car. Suppose you say "WTF? That's my car!" You have a gun and try to defend your property. The police will shoot and kill you.

If you have an unpaid parking ticket and offer maximum resistance, then the police will murder you. The penalty for an unpaid parking ticket is death, *UNLESS* you compromise and accept a lesser penalty. Most people will pay the ticket. That's better than losing your car or your life.

The penalty for disobeying the State is *ALWAYS* death, unless you compromise and accept a lesser penalty. Every day you make compromises, allowing the State to steal your labor and your savings. You aren't explicitly murdered/kidnapped, but a huge chunk of your life is stolen. The threat of kidnapping keeps most of the slaves in line.

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  1. Then I have to ask: why aren't more assholes dying? I wish the big bad state worked this efficiently, but most of the jack offs are still here, so... I'm gonna call bullshit.

  2. States have murdered more people than any other criminal organizations in the history of the world.

    But your ignorant comment, Ginx, only proves FSK right about the pro-state trolls that always come out of the woodwork whenever anyone points out the truth about the nature of the state.

  3. The proof that this is just the ridiculous ravings of a miserabilist paranoid with an oppression-complex is the fact that he is still alive. If we were living in an oppressive police state, he (and you, and certainly me, like as long ago as 1998 when I put a "Vandalism: As Beautiful as a Rock in a Cop's Face" sticker in my locker) would be dead.

  4. What the hell are you talking about, Ginx? Did you even bother reading the post?

    The point is, that if you don't compromise and give in to the state's extortion, the state's agents will kill you. If I refused to pay taxes and also resisted being kidnapped by the cops for my "crime", I wouldn't be alive for very long.

    Most of us prefer to live, however, so we allow the criminal gangsters known as governments to continue to abuse us with their extortion racket and thereby let us to continue to live in their "territory".

  5. I'm sure private security would never do such horrible things as expect you to cooperate with enforcement...

    Seriously, you find the dumbest things to whine about sometimes. There is real abuse, and it isn't from any of the things mentioned in this article. It's primarily sexual harrassment of women or discriminatory arrest practices which target racial minorities, the young, and most especially the poor, and yet you harp on the slight incidence of violent police brutality, which occurrs at a rate lower than civilian assault.

    This is cherry-picking, anecdotal analysis of a real problem, and the only solution I have ever seen presented (privatization) is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It's actually dumber than the drug war, which is impressive.

  6. This is cherry-picking, anecdotal analysis of a real problem

    Did you comment on the wrong post by mistake? This is about the state in general and what happens if you disobey it, not a "cherry-picked" example of police abuse.

    Of course, I don't agree with your "cherry-picking" argument either. Abuse of basic rights (like the right to be left alone) is inherent in the nature of state "policing", and any individual examples are used only to illustrate that fact.

  7. I'm sure you're hassled on a daily basis by cops... or wait, all I've seen you actually complain about happening to you personally is the private company you work for demanding you want paper checks.

    The stories you post about police abuse aren't annoying to me because you post them. It's important that police abuse be addressed and prosecuted. But you accompany it with such ridiculous statements shwon through your personal lens, which is inexplicably paranoid of the government.

    You should rename the blog "Private Eye," and have a giant dickhole be the mascot. There ain't no skepticism here, just ridiculous argumentation for the tired olf rightist "privatization" scheme of shutting poor people out of society completely.

  8. just ridiculous argumentation for the tired olf rightist "privatization" scheme of shutting poor people out of society completely.

    WTF? I'm a left-libertarian, anarchist socialist.


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