Monday, September 27, 2010

Executives Rake it in While Poor Suffer

The rich are only getting richer, a new report says CEO's of major US companies average two-hundred and sixty three times the average pay of American workers. And the CEO's who had laid-off the most employees during the recession are the ones who took home the biggest pay checks.


  1. I'm glad economics is not zero sum, or the poor would be really fucked.

  2. The poor ARE really fucked...

    For that matter so is anyone not part of the ruling oligarchy, it's all a funnel into the new slavery.

  3. It was a snide inside joke. I have said for years (like most liberals) that the rich can't pocket more money without some people having less. The classic libertarian/conservative response is, "Economics is not zero sum," which is true, but right-wingers have grossly underestimated the greed of the wealthy self-paycheck-writers.


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