Sunday, September 19, 2010

Novel News: Pips Leave Popular Fiction for Literary Fame

Pipsqueak McCracken, author of 41 romance and western novels, announced today that she/he (it's a husband and wife writing partnership, but she wears the pants) would no longer churn out hack crap, but from now on to expect only one book every five or six years, just like real novelists produce (this will be down from their current pace of nearly ten books a year).

Said Pip, "We don't believe we've been writing purely for money for so long. Yes, it paid the bills, but now we want a small, almost nonexistent readership. Real literature is where it's at."

Answering question at a news conference on the Island of Genre, the couple, known for their popular novels filled with sex and violence and short chapters, also said that they would stop doing research for their books, stating that only hack writers of what they called "Walmart Fiction" do that kind of thing. "If you have to do research, you're not writing literature," they said.

Their first book under their new contract with Snooty Press, tentatively titled Spoken Works and Broken Lies and said to be about their marriage, will be available in about three years, if everything goes according to plan.

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