Sunday, September 26, 2010

Arianna Huffington: Third World America

As Arianna outlines in Third World America, there are compelling reasons to fear that the United States is in danger of becoming a third world nation. But the country's decline will only happen if we let it.- How You Can Help Prevent America From Ever Becoming A Third World Country


  1. Oh dear. You've taken to Zsa Zsa? I'm pretty open about a lot of things but I draw the line at Huffington and a few others like Dowd.

  2. She says some good things, like the following:

    "There are many things we can do, right now, to take matters into our own hands and move our families to safer financial ground. Moving your money out of the mega-banks that helped wreck our economy and into a smaller, more responsive community bank or credit union is a great place to start.

    These big banks took our bailout money but cut back on lending, paid themselves record bonuses, and kept on with all the greedy, ruthless practices that earn them billions a year. By moving our money, we're saying we're not going to take that anymore."

  3. Let's discredit people based on their accent, that will ensure we only listen to the right people... eh?

  4. Where is her information that the FED caused this mess, not lending to "poor people"?

    Where is her outrage about the simple fact that fractional reserve banking is legal counterfeiting?

    Where is her demand we end the wars of occupation and close all military bases outside of the US?

    Where is her demand for legalization of intoxicants? proof is the Portuguese decriminalization.

    Where is her demand to remove "victimless crimes" and empty the prisons of their non-violent occupants?

    Where is her demand for the end of aid, all aid to foreign countries?

    Where is her demand for the end of the pyramid scheme of Social Security.

    Where is her demand for the end of welfare both individual and corporate?

    Where is her demand for the end of corporate personhood and the reversal of out-sourcing?

    Where is her demand for prosecution of abusive employers hiring illegal immigrants?

    Bah-humbug, a few scratches on the top layer from a confirmed neocon... and BTW as an old fart I think she as least was a hottie in a mature milf-ish way, but that does not change the fact that she is a disgusting neocon.

  5. Radio Blogger, I never took her for a neocon. Interesting.

    She sounds pretty liberal to me each time I hear her. Plus, her site has published some of the most pointless political drivel I've seen this side of the Great Lakes.

    I have no idea how she became a "pundit."

    As Nikkolas may know, I'm not convinced America will become third world. Then again, when I look at the personalities making the GOP I sometimes wonder.

    And yes, she's a MILF.


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