Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Same Old B.S.

I wrote a while back about the company I work for switching to a paperless paystub system. Since most of the employees were already signed up for direct deposit, this simply meant they would no longer receive a paper copy of their stub, but would have to register online and go to a website to see it. But there were a few holdouts, including guess who, but all gave in to the pressure but me. So, for the last few pay periods, my manager has been delivering my paycheck to me with a message from our human resources director. Basically it says: what the hell is wrong with you? Then it goes into the great benefits of the bankster system. This time, however, a new twist was brought into the mix: the paper paycheck costs the company money!

Oh, boo hoo hoo! The poor company! Of course they want to cut costs, but the whole spiel about how the new system benefits the workers is the usual bullshit. The reality is, it's for the company's benefit and convenience, not mine.

So, my manager drives home the point in what looks like a desperate effort under pressure from HR: you are only one of 7 people out of 200 that still gets an actual paper check (that I can actually go cash wherever I want, instead of having my money directly deposited with banksters, I might add) and 6 of those are new people!

Well, they should call us the magnificent seven! Soon, though, it'll be back just to me, and then I can call myself The One.

I don't intend to give in. Why should we all be herded into the criminal banking system? In order to have direct deposit you need a checking account, and so everyone is virtually forced to be part of supporting the banksters. A credit union is a good alternative, of course, but choice should remain for those who want a real check.

I've had enough of the corporate/state/bankster alliance. It is evil and rotten to it's hellish core! And all this paperless nonsense is just one more step to the goal of a cashless economy. All those workers having direct deposit and debit cards, no need to carry any cash. Hey, let's just get rid of cash completely for most everyday transactions. And besides, it will make it easier for government to track you and of course, stop those terrorists too!

So the next time my manager hands me my paycheck, I'll be mentally prepared to dismiss the b.s. for what it is: bankster shilling.

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