Sunday, September 26, 2010


To prove that all my yelling, “Buy silver now, or you’re a moron!” has paid off, silver is getting a lot more press coverage lately, like the headline “Silver Hits ’80 Level; Gold Sets Fresh High,” which appeared on the front page of The Wall Street Journal’s “Money and Investing” section.

The reason that gold at $1,271 was hitting new record-highs, but not silver, is that silver, at $20.74 per ounce, is only at the highest price since October 1980, which is almost exactly 30 years ago.

Suddenly, I feel myself wanting to launch into some hyperventilating, rabid recommendation to buy silver, waxing overly-enthusiastic about silver as some “bargain investment of the century” because of any of a dozen reasons right off the top of my head, and probably many, many more if I were smart enough to understand their significance, which I can only barely sense, even though people are screaming at me, “What is it that you don’t understand, you moron? We’re been over this a dozen times!”

Undervalued Silver in a Government Spending Frenzy

Esteemed economist John Williams from and Peter Schiff discuss the merits of owning precious metals. Gold and silver as a hedge - as an insurance policy - against the increasingly certain, impending economic apocalypse. Williams cites $7,500 as being the CPIU inflation adjusted actual value of gold TODAY. $436/oz. is cited as the CPIU inflation adjusted value of Silver. Both agree the sky is the limit on precious metals as the Fed monetizes debt and the system as we know it begins to fall apart at the seams. God help us all. Buy silver and gold TODAY as some measure of protection for you and your family.

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  1. I'm way ahead of you guys. I have all my money in platinum and palladium. Gold and silver are so 18th century.


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