Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now Illegal to Build Sand Castles on Florida Beaches?

Also, the reporter is told that you can't film in a National Park unless you're with the media? WTF?

A comment from a reader at this post on The Agitator seems to offer a possible answer on the digging question:

The reason that the fellow wasn’t allowed to dig is related to the fact that the area is a National Park and the Park Service has stringent rules regarding compliance with NEPA, the National Environmental Protection Act (I think one of the antiquities Acts applies, as well). On almost all government facilities, digging (typically deeper than 12 in, but I guess in the case of the Park Service, 6″) without a permit is verboten. You might disturb some animal’s habitat, or kill a valuable plant. Of course, this seems absurd on a beach, where the sand is routines changed out naturally over time. But, rules are rules, and the ones who make and enforce the rules don’t care about reality. After all, one of their jobs is to show you who is boss.

Bureaucracy run amok. And some people think we are free…


  1. What, Ginx hasn't come to defend the bureaucracy?

    For shame!

  2. Why would I defend one jackass who thinks stopping people from building sand castles is proper enforcement of the law? I mean, it's so important that no one build sand castles... almost as important that someone can.

    With rampant abuses of our freedom like this, I can see why everyone is too busy to address any of my posts about how private entities are every bit as abusive as the big, bad, awful, scary state. Thank the gods you guys are here to defend sand castle builders and people who give customs agents a hard time, because we don't have 1/7 Americans in poverty or 1 in 5 children without health insurance...

    I love the "priorities" of rich, effete libertarians.

  3. Ginx, actually, you're right. We DON'T (libertarians especially) discuss how private interests can trample on freedom as well. It's worse because it's unaccountable. At least, in theory, the state is to be held accountable to the people.

  4. All people are accountable, the government is just accountable to the ballot. The nobility only have to fear the populace, which is probably why they scurry behind the walls of their gated communities.

  5. the government is just accountable to the ballot

    Right, that's why everything changed when the American people got angry and voted the Republicans out. They're now about to get angry again and throw the Democrats out. I'm sure everything will be different after the November elections and we'll finally get change in Washington.

    Face it, the idea that the government is accountable through the ballot and that "democracy" works is the biggest myth of the modern age. Of course, your masters in the ruling class want you to continue to perpetuate and believe the myth, so good job, Ginx and T.C.; you've both been well trained by the school system.

  6. Being accountable to the ballot doesn't mean America will always make the best choice. The Dems could have chosen Kucinich, and the Reps could have chosen Ron Paul. They didn't, and it's in our best interest to show people why they should have. There's unfortunately no other way to select government without one simply being appointed for us (though I would love to discuss why the electoral colleges are a horrible idea, or why the Senate is a gross misrepresentation of the national population).

    Your masters in the nobility class are just itching for people like you to give up on voting in favor of... whatever they decide to come up with. Gratz on being well trained by the aristocrats.


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