Tuesday, September 28, 2010

League of the South Statement

As the disintegrating entity known as The United States of America goes into the proverbial "dustbin of history" because of fiscal irresponsibility, greed, sloth, avarice, and apathy, we in The League of the South remind you all that over a decade ago we told you what was going to happen. In fact, in our Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence, we spoke on behalf of our people (most of whom were too busy to listen at that time) and warned them of what was ahead. If you are still today pinning your hopes on reforming Washington, DC, then please take a few minutes and read the words below. Then, if you still think the present system can and should be reformed, by all means get to work at it. For those of you who see that the DC system cannot be reformed, then we ask you to join with us in creating a Southern republic in which liberty and prosperity can thrive once again.

In short, we're asking you to begin thinking and acting "outside the box." On the one hand, if you stay in the current box, which the corrupt Establishment wants you to do, you will go down with the current system. On the other, if you indeed step out of that box, you will see opened up before you the possibilities of a bright future for you and your progeny.

Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence

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