Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stump the Christians #10

Would Christian-conservative parents get an abortion if they discovered their in utrero child carried “the gay gene?” What if they had definitive evidence that it was the Anti-Christ (horns, tail, sinister grin)?


  1. 1. I'm unsure how that would be discovered, but I personally would not. (Although, I don't really believe homosexuality is decided by one's genes, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.)

    2. Without the gift of prophecy, you really couldn't figure that one out, either. From what I understand, there are really no outward signs of the antichrist. But I digress.

    Personally, I wouldn't. Maybe there are some crazy people who would never have kids for the sake of avoiding these two things, but that's just silly in my mind. So these questions would come down to the personal thought processes of the individual person.

  2. Homosexuality is more complex than a simple nature vs. nurture problem. There are probably several genetic and upbringing factors that cause homosexual attractions in people. In fact, there is probably not a simple, formulaic way to determine the certainty of future sexual attraction.

    As for the AntiChrist, that's a myth. In the context of the Bible, it indicates people who will deceive the believers. But a world-ending figurehead with all the power of the king of this world is just a lot of hype, though it makes for great entertainment.

    In short, I reject your reality and substitute the actual reality we all live in.

  3. 1. I don't believe in a gay gene any more than I believe in a serial killer gene or a good-cooking gene. I'm just asking a hypothetical. I think that was an easy one, which was requested to me (though I think the answer is elementary), and I added the next part.

    2. Okay, but what if the kid has six eyes, six arms, six legs, six ears, six horns and six wings...?

  4. 2a. What if you're a virgin and Satan rapes you? I mean, it seems like the antithesis of the conception of Christ... or do you think Lucifer would go for a whore? I dunno... so many opposites to elucidate...


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