Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Worse for You, Better for Them

In these tough economic times, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: campaign financing.

As the rest of us plebeians struggle to find or hold a job that pays the bills, those at the top are experiencing unprecedented success. Companies that had horrible years still have CEOs taking in billion dollar paychecks. How are we supposed to legitimately believe they “earned” so much money if their companies were taking billion-dollar government bail-outs?

Well, expect more of such bail-outs, thanks in no small part to the conservative Supreme Court’s decision that campaign financing is free speech (in the same way that having media in the hands of a few morons who steer the debate away from real issues is “freedom of the press,” while Bradley Manning is a criminal for exposing military abuse).

Despite most of us going through hard times, cutting back on everything we buy and use, making due with less... the ultra-rich are donating more money to political campaigns than ever.

What could they hope to gain? Even more unprecedented abuses of corporatocracy? Solid gold towers from which they can spit on us, the lowly ants below? The people who have everything are not even satisfied with it, so my stance is... why let them keep it?

If you want a piece of the action, you have two choices: pop out of a trophy wife’s vagina and reap the rewards of your daddy’s work by never having to lift a finger your whole life, or run for office. That’s where the money goes, and that’s where the money will stay, so long as the rich get to “keep what they earned” (i.e. keep all of the paycheck they wrote for themselves, instead of being taxed like they would have under our last great president, Eisenhower).

This supply-side Reaganomics has gone far enough. Trickle down only works if people on the bottom like being pissed on, and frankly I think it’s time we got pissed off. Republicans are not going to save us, and Democrats are every bit as big of whores as their right-wing “opponents.” The only way to end the madness is to kick big business out of political dealings.

Until then, all the political parties are nothing but different governmental wings of the same corporate entities.


  1. Of course, Ginx. Tax the fuck out of the rich. Do it because government officials know so much better than anyone else how to put that money to good use. And that way we'll all be prosperous and free.

  2. Or we can just hand all the money to the American nobility, who buy our government officials, and our national debt can skyrocket. The money won't be going to social programs for generations (I know people my age won't be getting social security), it's to pay off the debts of the Reagan/Bush years.


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