Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back On Full Pay

The viscous police thug who was jailed for assault after being caught on CCTV throwing a 57-year-old woman into a cell is back on full pay, it has emerged.

Convicted Thug Policeman back on full Pay!

Video footage showed Sergeant Mark Andrews dragging Pamela Somerville across the floor of Melksham Police Station, Wiltshire, before shoving her into the holding room.

Ms Somerville, then 57, had been arrested after being found sleeping in her car and allegedly refusing a breathalyser test.

She hit her head on the ground when she was thrown into the cell and sustained a gash above her eye.

In the security footage from the 2008 attack, she appears to be momentarily knocked out before staggering to her feet.

Blood can be seen dripping from her wound before she calls for help.

Ms Somerville, who had never been in trouble with police before, was taken to hospital and needed stitches after the incident.

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