Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laughing Man: The Game is On

The foundational principle of a free society is individual rights. We must fully understand that we are endowed with our rights by virtue of our very humanity. Rights are not given to us by leaders, the popular vote, or even a constitution. They can be violated only by force. We have permitted the constant violation of our rights for too long. It is now time to take action. How will you even the score?



  1. Yeah... 10,000 murder convictions per year versus 258 deaths due to police misconduct in 2009. Even if the polcie "get away with it" more and you muliply the police deaths by ten, it's still not even close.

    Why not actually try to help people by suggesting they eat better or drive safer? Oh wait, that doesn't play into your fear narrative...

  2. You can view the police abuse statistics here.

  3. Bret, where did you learn to argue? Go back to school (no, on second thought, don't!).

    The subject of the video isn't street crime, it's the abuses of the state! By your logic, the average German under the Nazis shouldn't have complained about the Gestapo, because they were far less likely, as an ordinary, law-abiding citizen, to have trouble with the police than with a common street thug.

    Besides, we have a massive state and the police don't even solve half of all murders that are committed. They aren't there when the crime is being committed anyway. If anything, that 10,000 number you cite only shows the complete failure of your beloved heroes and the master they serve (of course, they aren't there to "protect and serve" you, they're there to protect the state's interests and enforce it's control over the slaves).

    Also, I've never been mugged by a common criminal, but the state steals from me every single day! So if anything, you've got it backwards. Most of us are not regular victims of street crime, but we all face the intrusions of the state in our lives numerous times a day.

    This "argument" resembles your straw man about the victims of nature versus governments. We keep correcting you but you never seem to learn (could be that Tremblay was right; you can't argue logic with a might makes right junkie).

  4. Oops, I've lost the argument already! Godwin's Law! Damn those Nazis!

  5. "Bret, the video isn't baout the job done by police, it's abotu the few who do their job horribly! Wake up Bret and don't go to school kids cause it will make you do things like read books instead of get your information from YouTube!"

    If you don't like paying taxes, don't do it. See how that works out. Or go someplace where you think the taxes are lower (they won't be).

    I'm sure if it was all up to vigilantes, they'd "catch" the guy every time.

    You don't seem to understand that the state is not a major source of oppression, nor is it a major source of death, but it is doing a hell of a job aiding in raising the life expectancy and reducing crime. If you disagree, I'm sure you can move to Somalia and live out your fantasies, but you wouldn't want to because you're a huge pussy who just wants to complain online, not do something about the horrible oppression you pretend to experience.

  6. I have never once felt the government intrude on my life, though I do see private companies limiting my options and poisoning me on a daily basis. By your logic, I should fight for the abolition of capitalism and private enterprise. But I don't, you know why? Because They also provide something positive, and we as a society actually do have the power to limit the negatives.

  7. the state is not a major source of oppression, nor is it a major source of death

    I'll let that speak for itself. And I'm sure all the victims of our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan agree with you that the state is not a major source of death!

  8. By your logic, I should fight for the abolition of capitalism

    Yes, you should!

  9. Yeah, everyone lives forever in peace and love in an anarchy. What was I thinking.

  10. Yeah, everyone lives forever in peace and love in an anarchy

    Freedom, my friend, that's the point, not that all evils are erased (as they so successfully have been with the absolute peace, love and harmony of our lives under government).

  11. You speak of an animal's freedom, one which is always accompanied by fear and ignorance. I speak of creating freedoms no animal can achieve alone. People in all of the lawless regions of the world are "free," free to be abused by everyone around them. This threat is real, and I know you sense it or else you would have left for those regions. No one will tax you in Somalia, so you can keep everything you earn. See how much can be reaped in those conditions, and enjoy all of it.

  12. Ginx, do you have anything at all but "Somalia, Somalia, Somalia"?

    No anarchist I know of believes a stateless society is possible without alternative social, non-statist institutions to fill the void. The state itself, unfortunately, puts roadblocks in place to try to prevent the formation of such structures.

    In any event, you continue to caricature anarchy as equivalent with chaos and violence, as I would expect from someone parroting statist propaganda.

  13. So where is this amazing anarchic society that would have arisen and rose to greatness?


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