Friday, October 1, 2010

How Far Will They Go?

Anyone who has read my stuff (especially my comments) knows I don’t believe in censorship. I think the only thing you could say that should be banned in America is the phrase “politically correct” and its derivative forms, like “political correctness.”

I sometimes wonder how far people will go to fight the war on words. So, I sat down and thought of some hypotheticals.

Would black people oppose a bill that financially compensates them for slavery if it was called “The Nigger Reparations Act?”

Would gay people oppose an amendment allowing same-sex marriage with all its equal privileges if it was allowed via “The Faggot and Rugmuncher Marriage Amendment?”

Would women oppose a measure requiring equal pay and guaranteeing a woman’s right to an abortion if it was called “The Cunt’s Rights Bill?”

Would Christians oppose a declaration stating America is a Christian nation if it was called “The America is Damned Resolution?”

Would Muslims oppose an ordinance that prevents the drawing of Mohammed if it was called “The Ban on Depicting the Pedophile Prophet?”

Would Jews oppose… what am I talking about, kikes always get their way, and if you try to stop them, prepare for character assassination.

Would fat people oppose the creation of closer parking spaces for the overweight if they had to put tags on their car indicating they were eligible for “Cottage Cheese Thigh Parking?”

Would stoners even notice if marijuana was legalized? They don’t seem very observant in general, so I guess calling it “The Move Out of Your Parent’s House Act” wouldn’t matter.

Would retarded people oppose a measure banning the use of the word “retard” if it was called “The Sarah Palin Act?”

Would white men oppose a day celebrating them and their hardships if it was called “White Whine Day?”

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  1. I think it's funny that 'cunt' is considered to be the offensive term, when 'vagina', the so-called 'respectful' term, originated from the Latin word for 'sheath'. Respectful indeed!


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