Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our Invalid Social Structure

From part 1 of 3 by Francois Tremblay:

The proposition that equality and freedom are two sides of the same coin is the shortest and most accurate refutation of politics and economics that one can write.

The entire study of politics, from its inception, has been concerned solely with the State: its justification, its powers, whether it should be limited and, if so, how it should be limited. This idea of limitations on the power of government, which they call democracy, is praised as a form of equality, even though it preserves the concept of government more or less intact: all governments are forms of domination and subjugation.

The power of capitalism is subject to the same general kind of analysis. The entire study of economics is concerned solely with justifying the planned economy we have under corporatism. Sure, we talk about limiting this planned economy through government intervention, and we call this the “welfare state” or somesuch, but the concept of capitalism, or its “development” around the world, is never in question. People who do so are “extremists” and are intellectually marginalized. Capitalism is called individual freedom, when it is in fact exploitation on a worldwide scale.

Read the rest: Why our social structure is invalid.

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