Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cash Is King When You Want to Disappear

The following paragraph is from an article called How to Ditch Big Brother and Disappear Forever:

Get used to the idea of ditching the luxuries you had in your former life. Gone are the credit cards, the convenience cards and loyalty cards, even simple things like a video rental card. Pay cash for everything and don't use anything that could link you new life and your plans to your old life. Don't check out books about Chile from your local library or buy them with a credit card. Don't use a credit card or frequent flier miles to book a flight out of the country. Your goal in everything you do is to minimize the number of connections between your old life and your new life. Whenever you undertake an interaction with another person or business, ask yourself "Is this the least traceable method I could use?" Paying cash for a cup of coffee at an old coffee shop? Obscure. Paying with a credit card for a cup of coffee at an airport kiosk under the eye of four different security cameras? Not stealthy in the least. Cash is king

I try to use cash as much as possible anyway, but think about everyone you know and how many are just so used to constantly using their debit or credit cards for every little transaction. I mean, I'm in Quiznos the other afternoon getting myself a $5.00 sub I didn't need, and ready with a five and one dollar bill in my hands to pay, and every last one of my fellow sub-humans was paying with plastic, for a meal that only cost a few bucks. Get a little cash out for God's sake, and then you also won't be over-spending all the time. That goddamned card makes it so easy to deplete your bank account (come to think of it, you probably shouldn't be leaving any of your money in the hands of the bankster crooks either).

One reason the state ultimately wants a cashless society is so surveillance is easier. Anything that makes it possible to hide from the eyes of the tyrants in government is something that needs to be curtailed or abolished, in their view. Of course, cashless would still leave you with nearly worthless electronic Federal Reserve funny money. Every once in a while you'll see a story about some poor slob on the run from the "law" and the "justice" system (in quotes because there is almost nothing just about it) who stupidly uses a credit or debit card along their escape route, and is thereby tracked and then caught by the dirty state criminals known as cops. Don't be so dumb, Mr. Fugitive. Use cash!

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  1. If they find out I'm reading books about Chile... what happens? I'm curious what the worst case scenario here is. Not trying to be a jackass, just asking... I'm confused as to why this is an issue.

    Isn't the problem that the government is a bit intrusive? This seems tantamount to telling people how to grow cannabis; I suppose it has a use, but I would rather focus on legalizing the drug than adapting to a system where it is illegal and becoming comfortable with it.

    I hope you understand what I mean, because I'm not trying to say, "Oh SE, who cares if they look at everything?" I'm saying, "Are there abuses yet we should be focusing on, and if not, what restrictions ought we be putting on the government's ability to access private information?"


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