Friday, October 22, 2010

The Corporatization of Open Space

via Francois Tremblay

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  1. This is tripe trying to defend what is a noble cause. I'm all for the concept of public property (I'm not sure how a privatist like yourself would be), but I also wouldn't want someone out with a megaphone just making noise, especially if he was outside my window. Crying because you can't use a megaphone on private property and then claiming after being politely and patiently asked to leave that there was assault used to prevent you is absolutely ridiculous.

    I also found it amusing that the private security prevented them every time, but the big scary government goon with a dog cracked jokes and let him do his whole spiel.

    The guys in costume are even employees at the tourist destination, not "representing the Queen." They don't represent the queen anymore than the tour guides in powdered wigs at Disney's "The Hall of President" represent the Obama administation.


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