Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Anarcho-Capitalist Song

A Song written and performed by Randall Goble.

I am not an anarcho-capitalist, because capitalism and anarchism are contradictory, whether or not the Randy Gobles and Lew Rockwells of the world realize it. Listen to this piece of pro-hierarchy garbage:

I had hated government as a teenager, but lumped corporations and businesses in with coercive authority

It's pretty funny, actually, because what kind of position is the average wage slave in, in relation to their boss and employer? A very subservient one, to say the least. Sure, you can always say, as the apologists for hierarchy and inequality will do, that the worker can always go somewhere else and find another job. Yes, and become a wage slave at that company too. The "anarcho"-capitalists are so blind to their own contradictions and inconsistencies. They don't like when a Bret "Ginx" Alan comes along and tells them to leave and go somewhere else if they don't like the government of the United States, but how different is that from the capitalist telling some barely surviving wage slave that they can quit their job any old time they want, never mind that the rent and car payment are due next week, and groceries have to be bought and the kids clothed. It's a form of insanity, this anarcho-capitalism, but if its adherents ever get their wish of a stateless society (and I hope they do) the result will not resemble their Ayn Rand fantasy world.

Still, I am in solidarity with them, as mistaken as they are on capitalism,  because the state, as of now, remains the greatest threat to human freedom. 

Randy's email to Lew Rockwell:

I felt you should be the first to hear the song I wrote. I've been reading LRC and for going on 3 years. I became an Anarcho-Capitalist upon my first exposure to the non-aggression axiom. Never before had I been able to put the world into context. I had hated government as a teenager, but lumped corporations and businesses in with coercive authority, and so prescribed to a stateless-socialism that, looking back, has no solid law upon which it builds its premises. At eighteen I even got a tattoo of the Sumerian Cuneiform symbols for freedom, beneath a star with a large, capital A in the middle. (I've long since wished I'd never gotten a tattoo at all, but upon conversion to Anarcho-Capitalism, I took a new found pleasure in my choice of design, and was especially elated upon receiving my first book-order from, Mises's "The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality"; because upon opening it, I saw that same design lining the entire inside of the front and back covers. It was like coming full circle!)

After 911, I'm ashamed to say I was jarred into the doctrine of protectionism and neo-conservatism. All of the anti-statism of my younger years washed away and I felt we had a clear and present enemy that needed to be fought, regardless of cost to life or liberty. After failing out of community college a couple of times and finally being laid off from my main job, I decided to join the Navy. I believe my time spent in the "service" (just under two years) planted the seeds of my later radicalization. My hatred for government resurfaced, only unfocused and intensely bitter. I've never felt less free in my life, and so I did what sailors have been doing for millennia, downed my anger and sorrow with alcohol.

After being kicked out of the Navy (the only merciful thing the government has ever done for me) I was completely at a loss for any socio-political thought. I decided to just focus on becoming a better person, and in the process met my wife. With that followed a more ordered, family-focused life. My wife and I had a beautiful son and I landed a stable job with a profitable and productive private firm.

Ron Paul changed my intellectual life. As I'm sure you've heard a million times, he shocked my philosophical mind back to life. I had never seen or heard anything like him, and I'm so thankful that my life and his have overlapped along the passing of time, and that I'm conscious of it.

I'm now a student too. I'm currently pursuing a BS in economics. I don't know if my degree will be worth the paper it's printed on or not. I don't know what's in store for the future, but I plan to dedicate my life to the spread of libertarian ideas and Austrian School economics.

This is my contribution, for what it's worth. I included a sample from misesmedia of Tom Woods's recent speech entitled "Our Wise Overlords Are Just Here To Serve Us."

The song itself was written to be light-hearted and funny, but in the recording process, something happened, and though the words still carry humorous overtones, there seem to be some undertones that I can't pinpoint. Anyway, your opinion would be very much appreciated.

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