Sunday, October 24, 2010

If You’re Keeping Score At Home…

… add 15,000 more deaths to the total killed in Iraq. With WikiLeaks documents bringing to light an additional 15,000 dead, the grand total number of deaths resulting from the Iraq War comes to…

Why don’t I let you guess first. The new total is:

a. 50,000
b. 75,000
c. 100,000
d. 150,000

But before I give you the answer, I thought I’d ask: what was it all for? We were told that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was working with al-Qaeda, then we were assured Saddam Hussein was a horrible leader, then we were fighting them over there so we didn’t have to fight them over here, then it would have been a disaster if we left…

Really, it was mostly about money: contracts for Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, FN Manufacturing, Colt Defense, BAE Systems and countless others to produce the weapons of war; drilling rights for American and British oil interests; and don’t forget the gouging of soldiers by charging five bucks for a can of soda. All of these resulted in healthy kickbacks for the politicians who allowed it to happen.

It was also about politics. The politicians needed the money from corporate donations in order to be re-elected, not to mention the fact that being in a war seems to encourage the average idiot to “not change horses mid-stream.”

So, how many people died so that Republicans could maintain control of the White House for eight years and take in billions from corporate donations? The correct answer is “d. 150,000.” That’s just over the size of the population of Pasadena.

But the worst part? It’s not over yet…

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