Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brutality for Freedom?

Two of the men who assaulted a woman before a Rand Paul debate are no random bystanders who just wandered onto the scene and muddied the Tea with their violence. Both are active members in Rand Paul’s campaign. More details here.

It’s only once in a while that a story this perfect comes around. It doesn’t surprise or shock me in the least, because I know this is the mentality of the hateful right and the Tea Party in particular. The hostility is palpable whenever those asshats are on camera. In fact, that’s probably why the cameras point at them so much. It’s a hell of a show.

I mean, honestly, a guy in a “We the People” baseball cap stomped on a young, defenseless woman being held down by another man. The same assholes who are online every day telling us the police are brutal Gestapo who abuse everyone are beating up women in real life in Rand Paul’s honor.

It’s things like this that illustrate so clearly that the problem we have today isn’t political or governmental, it’s human. These gutless bullies who pick on young women half their size and kick them while they’re down are trying to sell me on the idea that it’s the police who are brutal. Right...

The only thing more laughable than this notion is Rand Paul’s hairpiece.

A pic of Rand Paul posing with one of the assailants, Tim Profitt.


  1. Maybe Rand Paul's' hair will run for office next.

  2. Crazy shit... I only expect it to get crazier...

  3. Rand Paul's hair piece would make a great politician. I mean think about it: it's literally designed to hide things.

    Radio Bloger: I'm taking bets on which side draws blood first.

  4. "I'm taking bets on which side draws blood first."

    OK, so I have to ask, exactly what are you saying here, what are you talking about, more violence? a politically motivated murder? what exactly?

  5. I'm talking about an old Tea Party grandma stabbing a young college kid with a crochet needle. How about 5:1 odds?


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