Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do pagans have more fun?

A Christian, a Pagan, and an Atheist sit down for coffee...

Sounds like there almost could be a joke in that about to happen, except it actually happened this morning.


I am very involved in local issues like preservation of local historical and natural attractions, open carry, women's shelter, food bank, and the animal shelter. I also try and shop local and that includes the local coffee shop, while I will go to chain shops, I try and visit the local small shops as much as possible, our local joe dispensary also happens to be open carry friendly.

I put on my recent new retention holster and new pistol and drove over to the coffee shop with no other intent outside of juicing up with the darkest brew possible. Inside the shop none other than the local Sheriff and the local pagan group honcho waving me over to the table. Possibly surprising to some because of my anti-statist attitude, I have great relations with many of the local constabulary and shoot with most of them at the range in town.

The local pagan grand poo-ba also happens to open carry so the three way conversation was about new pistols and a bit about the new retention holster and then the poo-ba invites us to the festival on the mountain. The Sheriff is a Christian and I don't think he was too enthusiastic about dancing around in the dark with torches but I figured there wasn't anything better to do on spook's night.

I have always had the pro-pagan or at least pagan-friendly attitude once I gave up on Christianity. Most of the pagans I have known are friendly, helpful, fun folks with more than a few nerds and geeks mixed in for good measure. Not that nerds present a problem, if any of you guys out there don't know, nerd and geek girls can be HOT! We have some skimpy costumes to look forward to viewing this evening.

As I type this it is just into trick-or-treat time and my wife is not willing to go anywhere until she fills up the local beggars with enough chocolate to cause a corn-holio reaction. I would just take off early but I would get my wife's cowgirl book in the butt and the pagan romp does not start until 9 pm and is likely to go on until dawn anyway. My wife was as enthusiastic as the Sheriff but thought the Kids would think it was a hoot, and they convinced a batch of their teen friends to go along.

Why don't atheists or Christians have parties like the pagans, or do pagans become pagans for the parties? You won't see atheists dancing sky-clad near a fire in the woods, and Christian events never seemed to be quite as open and free. Why are the pagans so intent on having a useless good time with trappings that are such good additions to a good party?

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