Friday, October 29, 2010

Israel Leader Wants to Deport African Immigrants, Then Build Wall

The state of Israel is founded on racism and religious discrimination and yet wants to pretend that it numbers among the truly democratic nations of the world.

One foreign worker said he would rather die than be returned to Africa and that the proposal meant Israel would sell the migrants to African nations.

"This isn't the first time that the idea of deporting the migrant laborers has been raised," sources close to the prime minister were saying.

In August, the Israeli parliament approved the deportation of 400 children and their families whom Netanyahu likewise considered a "tangible threat" to Israel.-Israel slammed for 'human trafficking'

Netanyahu claims that these immigrants threaten the "Jewish and democratic character of Israel", but, it can't be both of those that are "threatened". If Israel resembled any kind of "democratic" country, it could and would not discriminate on the basis of "Jewishness", nor have a policy of maintaining a "Jewish character". No semblance of sanity will return to that region until the state of Israel is dissolved and abolished. Israel was founded on an evil principle, and only evil can continue to come from it unless or until that foundation is altered.

And the whole idea that Jews needed a safe haven of their very own after the horror of the holocaust, even if true, certainly was not provided by sticking a Jewish state in the middle of millions of Arabs. It's absurd. Would you feel safer as a Jew in the United States or Israel? Hell, they should just move the whole damn country to somewhere in North America (maybe Canada can spare some land) and be done with it. Its existence as a specifically "Jewish" state would still be something to lament, but at least the rest of the world could enjoy a little more peaceful world, and have less lobbying on behalf of the U.S. Military invading Islamic countries and killing hundreds of thousands of innocents.

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