Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Would Happen? # 1

What would happen if I never mentioned Bret "Ginx" Alan again? I not only reply to Bret's comments and posts here, but I visit his other blog, and sometimes comment over there. But what if I ignored him? What if I stopped mentioning him in my posts, as I sometimes can't stop myself from doing (it's a sickness)? I mean, he would still be a contributor here at SE, but I just would never acknowledge him.

I have to emphasize that I have no intention of ever doing any such thing. Blogging just wouldn't be as fun for me anymore if I never got to talk about Ginx. I'm just asking. What would happen? Like, when you fantasize about what would your friend that you're angry with do if you stopped talking to them. If you never returned their phone calls or texts or emails. Well, eventually, they'd ignore you too, or just forget about you. That's what's happening now with an old friend of mine, that I've know since 1997. They're the one doing the ignoring. They did respond once, saying they were just too busy all the time, but I thought we'd be friends forever, like the Fox and the Hound from that Disney cartoon.

I don't know if Bret "Ginx" Alan will be a contributor here forever, but I wouldn't mind it if he were. Yeah, I like Bret too much to ignore him. But, what would happen if I did?

Friends Forever?

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  1. If you want to know, look at the first year of posts on my blog...

    It was like a madman mumbling to himself in the dark, only without the charm.


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