Thursday, October 28, 2010

Should Skeptical Eye Win "Blog of the Moment"?

Hey, why can't we hand out an award to ourselves? It's not like we haven't made mistakes in handing out the world's top blog award before. The question is, are we awful enough to desevre it? Do we have the blog zeitgeist by the throat (what?). Do we reach those heights of substance and originality (yes, since Bret "Ginx" Alan joined the team, I'd say we certainly do), well, do we?

Let's us know if you think SE should be the next Blog of the Moment, and if not, leave us a nominee in the comments (with the reasons it is worthy of such an esteemed honor). Who will be next? Based on past winners, it could be almost any old blog.

Check out our former victors here: Blogs of the Moment (or is that moments?)


  1. If you nominate yourselves...

    *L on my forehead*


    If I would nominate one, it's Man of Roma. If you're into the Classics, history and culture, it's the place to be. Great conversations too.

  2. Save our self nomination for our first mention in the MSM.

  3. our first mention in the MSM.

    Yeah, okay, but I really didn't want to be awarded Blog of the Moment posthumously.


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