Sunday, October 24, 2010

Marijuana Soda

One Colorado soda company has developed a line of sodas that have an unusual ingredient: marijuana. Dixie Elixirs has made their drinks available to anyone with a prescription for medical marijuana.

The drinks come in eight different flavors, including pink lemonade, root beer and grape. But if the company really wants to get their drinks into the hands of marijuana lovers, they may want to start working on pizza and nachos flavors.

But marijuana is only legal to consume in 14 states with a prescription from a doctor. So, unless you are one of the approximately half-million people who is a medical marijuana patient, this pot-infused soda won't do you much good.

It's an open secret that you can smoke marijuana and still be a valuable part of society. But when you think of smoking weed, you're more likely to think of Cheech and Chong than the people running the United States government. (Even though at least two U.S. presidents have admitted smoking it.)

The drink makers say part of the reason they developed their line of mary-jane drinks was to remove that "reefer madness" stigma associated with marijuana smokers.-Marijuana Soda Provides a High Without the Smoke

1 comment:

  1. Is one of the flavors "bong water?"

    The only drink to ever cause dry mouth?

    Warning: please keep a firm grasp. Dixie Elixirs is not responsible for you forgetting where you set this beverage down.

    Lemonade potsicles, anyone?

    Next up: Cannabrownies, by Smokey Crocker.

    What? Two was more than enough? Roger...


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