Friday, September 17, 2010


There was a time when animals were treated horribly as a matter of practice. At that time, groups of concerned citizens formed to end the abuse. One of these groups was not PETA. PETA was formed in 1980, unlike the various chapters of the SPCA which formed in the 19th century and continue to aid the community through time-tested population control methods of feral populations as well as handling wild animal encroachment on human habitats.

PETA, on the other hand, is not interested in getting their hands dirty. PETA doesn’t actually help people, it just tries to make people feel guilty for animals.

And if you do anything relating to meat while in public, expect to get a letter.

The Vice President got one for serving hot dogs to returning soldiers on the Colbert Report. Lady Gaga got one for wearing a dress made of meat. Chrysler even got a complaint about using a monkey in a commercial, a problem solved by digitally making the monkey “disappear,” leaving an invisible monkey in an Elvis suit.

PETA, for making me have to side with Joe Biden, Lady Gaga and Dodge/Chrysler: Shut The Fuck Up! You ladies need to go back to stripping naked and painting your bodies; you were a lot easier to tolerate then.


  1. PETA is a lunatic group. They are insane.

  2. The only thing good about PETA is you can get laid at one of their events if you claim to be vegan. I just ate beforehand. For some reason, PETA chicks put out as much as smokers... i guess if you haven't had it in a long time, you just CRAVE meat of any kind.


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