Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guns Keeping Univ. of Texas Safe

Guns are keeping the University of Texas safe, until the damn state goons had to step in and try to stop him. Why won’t these pigs just quit risking their lives standing in the way of every crazed shooter’s plans and just let us live in lawless peace? No one was hurt but the gunman, so what’s the big fucking deal, am I right anarchists?

Taking bets on the gunman’s ideology. I will root for the home team and take “extreme left-wing socialist” in the pool. Get your guess in before we know more, or it won’t count (no cheating).


  1. Okay then, based on his suicide I'm opting for Eco-Malthusian.

  2. But he's a UT student... I bet he's never heard of Malthus. I'll give you increased odds for it, since it's a long-shot. I'll throw in "animal rights activist" for you, too.

  3. University of Texas is a 'gun free zone" that is unarmed victims...

    From the UT website..

    "The possession of a firearm, illegal knife, or prohibited weapon on the grounds of an educational institution is a third-degree felony in Texas"

    "In addition to state law, The University of Texas institutional rules prohibit the possession, display, or use of facsimile/fake firearms on the campus without the written permission of the Dean of Students Office."

    "On campus all recognized Law Enforcement authorities and security can detain students for possession of sports equipment if deemed a possible threat"

    From the police statement on the problem...

    "Tooley killed himself inside the Perry-Casteneda Library around 8:50 a.m. after firing shots with an AK-47 outside the building. He was a student in UT's College of Natural Sciences. No one else was injured, and at no time did law enforcement fire their weapons.

    At 8:10 first shots fired, 8:50 a.m. Gunman kills himself inside PCL on sixth floor. Law Enforcement never encountered the gunman while alive, the subject was found with self inflicted wounds at 9:42."

    When you need help in seconds the police are minuets away!

  4. I agree, it would have been much better if more people had been armed during the confusion. Thank the Lord Baby Jesus Christ Almighty that we have someone willing to die for his right to fire off assault rifles in public. America needs more freedom fighters like that.

    Just imagine, I'm sure vigilantes would have even successfully found "the second suspect." What a shame.

  5. This is or was supposed to be a joke? Why call them goons and pigs??? That not right, they are HEROS! Go back to your pot smoke you hippy!

  6. Officers who die in the line of duty are heroes. The world could use more heroes.

  7. "Officers who die in the line of duty are heroes. The world could use more heroes."

    And we could use fewer mistakes and abuse of power (on the rise BTW).

    If they kill in a mistake or covering a LEO crime, or abusing power, what do we call them then?

    Your are entitled to be as snarky as you wish, but you are not entitled to your own facts, as you prove over and over again you ignore the facts or cannot comprehend that your propaganda addled view could ever be wrong.

    Absolute ban on guns on campus, and that stopped WHAT?

    Sure helped a lot, that banning all the guns on campus - OH but it didn't... but then you like your blood connected to drunk driving because that is excusable even though the rate of death by drunk drivers is 15,387 to 25,017 per year - each year, death by gun accident (all types) 613, Homicide by ANY type of rifle or shotgun 535, Homicide by "assault weapons" less than 15 per year, if you use the real definition of assault rifle that would be ZERO.

    Get a grip.

  8. I think I'm at the wrong blog. Either that or I'm in an alternate universe where Skeptical Eye contributors call armed criminal thugs heroes.

    I might just try going to sleep and hopefully when I wake up I'll discover this was all just a horrible dream.

  9. No, I agree. There are no places of education, only war zones where classes are held. Everyone should be strapped with assault rifles at all times. You should be shot if you don't shower with your gun. Haven't you seen "Psycho?" That's when they get you!

  10. If constant statist thought, and storm trooper overlords make you wet in anticipation that is your problem.

    You still have not proved a damned thing other than a skill at typically mundane elitist snarky stupid one liners and an irrational religious genuflection to the state and ridiculous propaganda.

    Get a grip.

  11. I try to agree with you guys, and you throw it back in my face. I don't get you people.

  12. "I try to agree with you guys, and you throw it back in my face. I don't get you people."

    Because you are not talking to some bunch of illiterate buffoons and your typical liberal/progressive sophomoric snarkiness doesn't elevate you above some hapless target!

    Don't like it much when you come across a target willing to deluge you with facts do you?

    Not imagine how a fundamentalist feels when his religion is threatened - that is what it feels like, because your religion is a replacement.

    Are you getting it yet?

  13. Hmm... here I was thinking I was drowning in guns, but apparently it's facts. Maybe these guns have facts on the caps, like Snapple.


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